Ministry of finance to set up a new personal income tax reform is expected to accelerate – Sohu news tataufo

Ministry of finance to set up a new personal income tax reform is expected to accelerate – Sohu news in order to adapt to the reform of the tax system and market changes, the internal organs of the Ministry of finance is also adjusted accordingly. First financial reporter learned from informed sources, the Ministry of finance tax administration tax punishment for demolition of the personal income tax (hereinafter referred to as "tax") and enterprise income tax. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics School of public policy and Governance Research Institute president Hu Yijian told reporters analysis, which reflects the importance of personal income tax and corporate income tax increase, and the specific problems of tax and corporate income tax, two tax in the tax system more and more independent is the two spin off of the background. Hu Yijian stressed that the tax system is extremely complex, the current tax reform process is relatively slow, and the establishment of a separate tax at this time, will help increase the tax on the study, to promote the current tax reform. Tax reform is the focus of the current society. Former Minister of finance Lou Jiwei said during the two sessions this year, a comprehensive and integrated tax reform program has been submitted to the State Council, according to the plan will be submitted to the National People’s Congress this year. People familiar with the tax reform plan of anonymity told the first financial reporter, the idea of tax reform scheme is to reduce the tax burden of low-income persons, timely increase such as education, pension, and other special mortgage interest deductions, and increase the high income collection efforts. The future tax reform on the current 11 classification of income in labor income appropriately merged into comprehensive income, for example, the wage and salary income, labor remuneration, royalties and income from royalties and other income has the property of labor remuneration income into the scope of the comprehensive assessment. Interest, dividends and bonuses, which belongs to the investment income, lease of property belonging to the assignment of the right to use the transfer of property ownership changes in income, still can be considered according to the classification of current taxation. This is a combination of comprehensive and classification of the tax system. For the comprehensive income, the future will gradually establish a basic deduction + special deduction of pre tax deduction system, which is a new round of tax reform to reduce the tax burden of low-income people. According to Ministry of finance data, 1~9 months of this year, the national personal income tax amounted to 790 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 17%, accounting for the proportion of the national tax revenue of about $7.8%. The first 9 months, corporate income tax revenues of $24162 billion, an increase of 8.3%, accounting for the proportion of the national tax revenue of about $24%. As of press time ago, the official website of the Ministry of finance did not update the corresponding institutional adjustment. However, according to the introduction of the duties of the income tax department, the basic understanding of the new tax and corporate income tax duties. The income tax department is responsible for the project responsibilities include corporate income tax and personal income tax reform put forward the legislative plan; responsible for the corporate income tax and personal income tax, or to review relevant tax laws and regulations, departmental rules and normative documents; responsible for the proposed tax taxable items, tax rate adjustment and tax policy recommendations responsible for coordinating the relationship between the income tax; tax policy and financial and accounting business; to study the development of industry, industry and region income.相关的主题文章: