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Mobile phone recycling, a user’s habits with the new technology of war – Sohu iPhone and numerous Android flagship listed one after another, in August, a new wave of replacement tide is coming again, is slightly different, this is a lot of replacement ideas will soon be a rhythm quite magic advertising brainwashed. Recycling companies love recycling "recently released in various advertising platform that is 3C, which is the 3C product recycling industry for the first time so intensive advertising, with the hope to influence the decision behavior of users. The recovery is not a small business, according to Gartner estimates that the global mobile phone market shipments fell 1.6%, but Chinese market will still maintain growth, sustained replacement demand is the key Chinese market market growth, had statistical data, the domestic Andrews machine cycle has changed from 1.5 years down to the year. Because of the domestic smartphone market is basically saturated, this also means that, in the year 434 million intelligent mobile phone shipments behind, and most of them are replacement demand, and is replaced by a mobile phone will be how to deal with a just new. For users, the old mobile phone has become the electronic waste, not willing to throw, keep and useless; for society, every year hundreds of millions of mobile phone is eliminated, if not recycling, it means a huge waste of social resources. In fact, the electronic products recycling business in China has been developing for many years, in the early Huaqiang North and Zhongguancun as the representative of the domestic electronic products recycling, already formed a mature gray industrial chain, the old mobile phone recycling real rate of less than 2%, cattle occupy the market supply, mainly to Hongkong and smuggling stolen stolen goods the whole industry, low efficiency, and it is difficult to enter the outsiders. Is the biggest problem of cattle recovery: 1) price and standard opaque, cattle price, consumers have no way to follow; 2) the recovery is not convenient, even if there are cattle, ordinary users do not know where to find; 3, cattle do not guarantee information security in the mobile phone, especially in the intelligent mobile phone era, more and more information mobile phone, information security is particularly important. Such a gray industrial chain is to make people worried about recycling of electronic products, do not want to buy after the sale of recycling, or even refurbished phone. Do not have a good market, the amount of front-end mobile phone recovery will not be great, ordinary people do not know how to deal with their old phone. The most important thing is not the electronic product recycling price war, but how to change the user’s habits, and in the process of occupation of the user’s mind. Compared to the back of Ali, 58 of idle fish and do those ads around, love recycling advertising is more concentrated in the sale of mobile phones, looking for love on the recovery, hoping to shape a professional platform for recycling electronic products. As Trout said in the "positioning" in one book, "the advertisement should be concentrated in a narrow goal in the minds of consumers on efforts to create a mental position", with the recovery of love advertising advertising in the Bible principle. Patterns affect the market, the most popular with the country C2B and leisure fish, turn around different, love recovery is a classic.相关的主题文章: