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Mourinho himself sentenced to death: pig to stay but want to play the basic game – Sports Sohu Mourinho sentenced to the death penalty: the pig wants to play the basic game   Premier League third round this weekend, three wins in all competitions Manchester United will be a guest of Kingston communication field promoted the city of Maher. The current war, Manchester United coach Mourinho talked about Schweinsteiger in the pre match press conference, the pro Cheng, pig decided to stay in the team, but the game basically hopeless. "I’ve talked to him, but I can’t answer him. It was his life, his career. He has a contract with Manchester United, he has the right to make such a decision, so this is not our problem. Football is made up of a lot of decisions, I know my whole career, and I’ve been making a decision. Some players may have different ways of dealing with different decisions. To tell the truth, Schweinsteiger’s words are not much, he recently issued a statement, this is his freedom." Manchester United coach Mourinho said, "but, what I want to say is that it’s difficult for him to play. Of course, I say this is not absolute, but he wanted to play very difficult. In the midfield, we have Herrera, Schneiderlin, Bo Geba, Fellaini and Carrick, 5 players for the 2 position to fight, so it’s difficult for him to have a chance. Now, we have 23 players, in principle, I don’t want someone to leave or join someone, 23 players with a season more than sufficient. If you have some problems with injuries to the players, then I can also use some of the young players in the Academy, I am willing to accelerate their growth in the process." Because Mourinho will Schweinsteiger in limbo, causing many football chiefs protest pig brother Manchester United coach bluntly to respect people, Bayern Munich chairman Rummenigge also expressed dissatisfaction with Mourinho. At the press conference, Mourinho hit Bayern Munich President Rummenigge, said he is false righteousness, and shelled the Southern Star, if you really want to support the pig, then put him back to Germany, "when I see someone’s remarks, I thought they would bring Schweinsteiger back to Chester Lemann, but things never happen to me, Mr. Rummenigge is not here, surprised." (little care)相关的主题文章: