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Multiple choice: PUMA x ALIFE 2016 spring series! Sohu’s major brands have launched new models, which often bring us new surprises. For example, next to that of PUMA and ALIFE to launch 2016 new spring, there are four styles for your choice, a simple plain, there are also color mosaic, and low-key black, to meet the different tastes. The streets of New York tide brand ALIFE for the first time in cooperation with Puma, to bring a new spring and summer 2016 by the series, with R698 and Blaze of Glory as the foundation, has 4 different colors, which are "Black Gum" and "Peach" and "Black Glacier" and "Gray Violet". There’s a dark, sedate style of color matching, and there are dreams for girls, or all black! Now available on the Atmos website, in addition to 4 by the series, can also see if there are any other favorite shoes? Meeting is not easy. If you like the characters of Minnay, pay attention to it! WeChat public number: Imminnay. Work QQ:944564440

多重选择:PUMA x ALIFE 2016春季联乘系列!-搜狐   各大品牌的合作推出新款,常常能带给我们新的惊喜。   比如接下来要说的PUMA 和 ALIFE携手推出的2016春季新款,就有四个款式可供大家选择,有简约素色,也有色彩拼接的,还有低调纯黑的,满足了各种不同品味需求。            纽约街头潮牌 ALIFE 首次与 Puma 合作,带来全新2016春夏联乘系列,以 R698 和 Blaze of Glory 为基础,带来4个不同配色,分别为「Black Gum」、「Peach」、「Black Glacier」和「Gray Violet」。            有深色沉稳风格的配色,也有梦幻适合女孩子们的桃色,或者全黑的也不错!现已于 Atmos 网站有售,除了4款联乘系列,还可以看看有没有其它心水的鞋子呢?         【相逢不易,如果你喜欢Minnay的文字,那就关注吧!微信公众号:Imminnay。工作QQ:944564440】相关的主题文章: