Music as the phone said its cumulative sales of 17 million units and release new music Pro3

LETV mobile phone said its total sales reached 17 million units and released new music Tencent Pro3 technology news (Li Ruchao) September 21st news release today, LETV mobile music Pro 3 mobile phone, 6GB+64GB version sold 1999 yuan, sold 1799 yuan 4GB+32GB version. From today’s appointment, at 10 on September 28th, as the mall and Tmall mall began selling. In the hardware configuration, Pro 3 is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 821 processor (2.35GHz frequency, Adreno GPU 530), equipped with 6GB+64GB 4GB+32GB two memory combination; equipped with 4070mAh battery, support QC3.0 dual fast charging technology, and claimed to be "the charge for 5 minutes, 3 hours of talk". The appearance, Le Pro 3 is equipped with 5.5 inch 1080P 2.5D arc glass screen, body thickness of 7.5 mm, with gold, rose gold, silver, gray and other colors. Camera, Le Pro 3 equipped with 8M+16M front rear camera combination, allegedly phase focus 0.1 seconds, support intelligent beauty; sound system, design continued LETV two generation mobile phone headset to cancel the 3.5mm hole, supporting music as their advocacy of CDLA standard, and is equipped with dual speakers outside. According to reports, Le Pro 3 generation le 2 Pro released in April 20th of this year, that time together is the appearance of the two generation mobile phone LETV three models 2 and Max2. Among them, the music 2 Pro is divided into MediaTek X20 and X25 version, the difference between the two versions of $100, but because Meizu signed a X25 exclusive, resulting in the release of the initial version of X25 was once out of stock. While the X20 version of the Pro 2 and 2 because of music are equipped with X20 processor, to a certain extent affected the sales of Pro 2. Surprisingly, the Pro sequence in the music Pro 3 has become the first appearance of the music as the first generation of the three generation of mobile phones. It is understood that the Le Pro 3 is mainly want to win the world’s first Qualcomm snapdragon 821 production machines of the title, although ASUS yesterday released the first equipped with a Qualcomm 821 mobile phone Zenfone 3 CD, but the music is still hoping to boost its sales high 821. In addition, LETV mobile also claimed that in September 19th the "Music Festival, LETV mobile phone one day sold 1 million 178 thousand and 500 units, and the cumulative sales reached 17 million units. According to the music as mobile announced last year, 4 million units of sales, so far this year, as the music handset sales of 13 million units. And at the beginning of the year, as the music moves to set the goal of 15 million units in 2016, and now, the distance from this goal does not seem too far away. It is worth mentioning that the rapid growth in sales, on the one hand from the LETV mobile underwriting strategy: in March of this year, China Unicom announced LETV mobile with 2 million 870 thousand sets of orders; at the beginning of April, LETV Mobile announced Jingdong underwriting 3 million sets of music as mobile phone. On the other hand, LETV mobile phone "sold" and as "ecological" marketing is closely related to emerge in an endless stream. It is understood that this year’s large-scale easy to recharge!相关的主题文章: