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Womens-Issues Two months after I got married, I got pregnant. Before I got pregnant I weighed a healthy 150 pounds, and believe me, when I realized I was pregnant I was very worried that my body was going to explode, and it did. But here is a story about how weight loss after pregnancy is possible, but this particular way is not recommended. How I Gained the Weight Being newly married and being newly pregnant were two things that led me to eat. I ate and ate and ate and ate. Before the first trimester was over I weighed 175 pounds. The ice cream tasted very good, but the numbers on the scale made me sick to my stomach. By the time the second trimester rolled around, I was sure that if I lay down on the ground I could roll around too. I listened to the OB/GYN when he said that I should take better care of myself during the pregnancy for myself and the baby’s sake, but food was comforting me in a time of emotional upheaval. By the third trimester I had gained 40 pounds. In my own defense I must say that not all of that was me. The baby and all that fluid added to the overall bulkiness of my body. How I Lost the Weight Is weight loss after pregnancy possible? Any woman who has given birth to a 10 pound baby can tell you that; yes, weight loss after pregnancy is possible. Not that I gave birth to a 10 pound baby, it just felt like I did. On June 6th 2002, I gave birth to my 7 pound bundle o’ joy, and was promptly rushed into surgery. No, I didn’t hemorrhage or anything seriously dangerous like that, I just needed to have my gallbladder removed. During my pregnancy, when I was packing away all the fatty, greasy foods, my gallbladder was slowly dying inside me. When I went into labor, my gallbladder decided it was its time to go. After surgery, I was restricted to bed rest, cable TV, and fluids only. That meant that I literally was not allowed to chew anything. To make matters worse, I had to hang around the hospital room for 10 days so that they could monitor me and the baby for harmful side effects. You bet your sweet bottom that weight loss after pregnancy is possible. When I was finally released from the hospital and allowed to take my baby home, I weighed a whopping 150 pounds. That’s right I went back to my pre-pregnancy weight without even trying. Weight loss after pregnancy wasn’t so hard. The most important thing to remember is to eat healthily, and to try and get in as much physical activity as possible. However, remember that you should consult with a physician before starting any form of physical activity, especially after you have just given birth to a child. Although all the agony and pain associated with the gallbladder ordeal has long passed, that memory of the post-pregnancy weight is still fresh in my mind. We are expecting another baby. Maybe this time I can lose a leg in a car accident. That would be a very gruesome- but quick way, of attaining weight loss after pregnancy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: