Nantong University 334 freshmen signed boycott online games hand travel commitments

Nantong University 334 freshmen signed "boycott online Mobile Games undertaking the morning of September 5th, College of chemistry and chemical engineering Nantong University 2016 freshmen in the opening ceremony, 334 students raised his right hand in the classroom learning time and not play online games, play mobile phone, learn to cherish the time, strict demands on themselves, consciously as a good example, not indulging in online games, reject bad games, not because of online games and neglect their studies. The first day of school enrollment this year, the first thing in the new school of chemistry and chemical engineering, Nantong University students are different, they signed a boycott of online games hand travel commitments under the witness of parents and counselors. This is the first time students of Nantong University signed a boycott of online games hand travel commitments, the school will be regarded as an important measure to carry out the construction of learning style. After the transition addicted to online games and abandoned school has become a common phenomenon in Colleges and universities, so that parents and teachers grieved. School of chemical engineering Nantong University deputy party secretary Zhang Juening talked about a few students addicted to online games, the topic is very headache, "one semester, we will need to be rebuilt and make-up and students to communicate and talk, found that most of them are addicted to the game because of lack of academic and." The mention of the undertaking of mind, Zhang Juening said: "to be guided by the commitment book form is that they own to draw the root line, do not easily out of bounds, keep their promises, cultivation of good learning habits from the beginning of school." This undertaking also warmly welcomed by parents, would also worry about the child four years of college play so come, now for the school discipline is great, I will often call to good children, he hope this four years time." Xiao Xu’s parents watching children with signing the letter of commitment, very pleased, also spoke of the Yanyinqipan children. It is understood that the school of chemistry and chemical engineering, Nantong University, 2016 freshmen with a small number of computers. Xuzhou freshmen Lu rain without a computer, but he has a mobile phone in my Mobile Games cool running every day, but he also admitted that the "summer vacation at home leisurely, the day will spend seven or eight hours in the mobile phone and computer." After school, he was determined to reduce the time to play the phone, he also set a small goal for himself: I would like to PubMed, so I will not touch the online games. Signed a letter of commitment is the guarantee of the college and parents, with their supervision, I will work hard, not to waste their studies." Another freshman Han Kui said, do not indulge in online games is not difficult for him. School teacher a teacher will also stand, and students together to create a good learning atmosphere, our teacher will improve self requirements, the courseware do more vivid and exquisite, attract the attention of students, so that they did not mind playing mobile phone." For follow-up supervision, the Institute will also introduce a series of rules. Sunday to Thursday the learning time, instructors will take the form of random checks check sleep. College students will give a three chance, first discovered to be reminded, second times is third times the criticism, the confiscation of their mobile phone, computer, hosted by. When the students this semester without fail the exam records will be returned.相关的主题文章: