National agricultural modernization plan released guide the development of agriculture in the aizi

The planning of agricultural modernization issued   guide the next 5 years, agricultural development — Finance — original title: national agricultural modernization plan issued guidance for agricultural development in the future 5 years recently, the State Council issued the "national agricultural modernization plan (2016 – 2020)", the strategic direction and implementation path of agricultural modernization in the next five years made clear arrangement, not only embodies the continuity of "12th Five-Year" of modern agricultural development planning, and highlights the "13th Five-Year" new planning and new requirements, the implementation of the new development concept, highlighting the requirement for the implementation of the supply side structural reforms, is a programmatic document guiding the agricultural development of our country in the next five years. Recently, the Ministry of agriculture minister Han Changfu on the planning of the relevant content of the interpretation. China’s agricultural modernization has a solid foundation of "planning" as a new basic judgment on characteristics of agricultural modernization at the present stage, the agricultural modernization in China has a solid foundation, to comprehensively promote breakthroughs in key stage, the implementation of the new echelon. This basic judgment comes from a strong foundation for the development of modern agriculture. Remarkable achievements have been made in China’s agricultural modernization in the past five years. At present, the effective irrigation area of farmland in China accounted for more than 52% of agricultural science and technology progress contribution rate reached 56%, crop seed coverage rate is more than 96%, the main crops mechanized farming income level of more than 63% major agricultural products processing and conversion rate of more than 60%. It should be said that China’s agricultural modernization has a solid foundation. "Planning" has made the development orientation of the agricultural modernization development strategy, the development of the main line and strategic focus of the three major aspects of the deployment. Han Changfu introduction, positioning in the development, put forward the development of agriculture lies in the development of modernization; on the main line, emphasizing the main contradiction under the new situation of agriculture has changed from shortage to structural contradictions, promote agricultural supply side structural reform, improve the overall efficiency of agriculture and competitiveness, is the main direction of the current and future a period of reform of agricultural policy and the consummation in China; in the strategic focus, emphasizing the implementation of national food security strategy adhere to the principal, based on domestic production capacity to ensure that moderate import, scientific and technological support, give prominence to the construction of modern agricultural industrial system, production system, management system of three key points, firmly grasp the development of modern agriculture, increasing the income of farmers and the construction of socialism three major tasks of the new rural. "Planning" to fully implement the new concept of development, in accordance with the new development of the concept of the entire layout, this is also a great innovation. "If you want to have a popular saying, I concluded," 13th Five-Year "agricultural modernization is to" national people engage in rice, for rural people to make money, engage in green for city people. "." Han Changfu said. The quality and safety of agricultural products monitoring the overall pass rate in more than 97% of the "planning" to "agricultural modernization has made significant progress" of the objectives and requirements, described with "13th Five-Year" from qualitative and quantitative two parties, to achieve significant progress to the 2020 national agricultural modernization forward, effectively protect national food security, quality and efficiency of agricultural the product supply system significantly improved, to further enhance the international competitiveness of agriculture, farmers living a well-off society).相关的主题文章: