Net exposure of the southern town Fuhu tap water was black and accompanied by the smell (Figure) cashmere mafia

Net exposure of the southern town Fuhu tap water was black and accompanied by the smell (Figure) for map users Sichuan Nanchong online channel (reporter Zhang Gen) 21, the netizen in a Nanchong forum said: South County Fuhu town tap water problems, their water out of the tap water was black, and accompanied by the smell. Called on the government and relevant departments to pay attention to and solve the problem of water quality. Netizens, relevant content is the majority of users quickly forwarded. Today (22) days, reporters from the Emergency Management Office of the South County People’s government was informed that: the situation happened, around the town Party committee and government immediately launched the emergency mechanism. South County People’s Government Emergency Management Office timely to the county government to report relevant information. The south of the county government in 21, sent in charge of the leadership led the county water authority, environmental protection bureau, the CDC and the South County Rural water supply company responsible person rushed to the scene to investigate treatment on the relevant circumstances. After verification, users post response content is true. The main reason is the problem of tap water damage area of bridge water system water level, precipitation caused by water to the water pumping station around under the water level standard error. The current bridge waterworks emergency measures have been taken to restore water standards. The relevant departments shall be ordered to immediately stop the water supply station around the pool, to conduct a comprehensive clean-up, to ensure that the sewage discharged completely, to restore the water supply. At the same time, the county emergency office area requirements Fuhu town Party committee and government through the town to the jurisdiction of the masses due to broadcast, and inform the residents to open their own tap, continuous drainage, county CDC staff sampling emergency testing standards, can be used. Recommended reading: a Chengdu company welfare moon within the black material manufacturers now called the Department of desiccant (Figure) Chengdu a secret underground black industry chain into a super 9 stolen car is parked on the 21 day Qingshui River started 25 days without maintenance stop river upstream Luzhou net exposure of someone to collect waste oil back to the table to the police: acquisition of pig swill gas station gasoline has water in Bazhong 30 car flameout

网曝南部县伏虎镇自来水呈黑色 并伴有异味(图) 网友供图   四川在线南充频道(记者 张根)21日,有网友在南充某论坛发贴称:南部县伏虎镇自来水出问题,自家水管中流出的自来水呈黑色,并伴有异味。呼吁政府以及相关部门引起重视,解决水质问题。网友发贴后,相关内容被广大网友迅速转发。   今(22)日,记者从南部县人民政府应急管理办公室获悉:情况发生以后,伏虎镇党委政府立即启动了应急机制。南部县人民政府应急管理办公室及时将相关情况向县委政府进行汇报。南部县委、县政府于21日派出分管领导带领县水务局、环保局、疾控中心以及南部县村镇供水公司相关负责人赶到现场对相关情况展开调查处理。   经核查,网友发帖反应内容属实。自来水出现问题的主要原因是辖区大桥制水厂水位仪损坏,误抽标准水位下的沉淀水至伏虎水站所致。目前大桥制水厂已采取应急措施,恢复达标供水。相关部门责令伏虎供水站立即停止供水,对水池进行全面清理,确保污水全面排出后,才能恢复供水。与此同时,县应急办要求辖区伏虎镇党委政府通过场镇广播向辖区群众讲明问题原因,并通知广大居民打开自家水龙头,持续排水,县疾控中心工作人员入户抽样应急检测达标后,方可使用。   推荐阅读:   成都某公司福利月饼内现黑色物质 厂家称系干燥剂(图)   揭秘成都一黑色地下产业链 超9成被盗车属乱停放   21日起清水河开始断流岁修25天 南河将无上游来水   网曝泸州有人收集地沟油回餐桌 警方:养猪收购潲水   加油站汽油里有水 巴中30辆汽车熄火相关的主题文章: