New China’s first corruption bribery 3 hundred million why was not sentenced to death

New China’s first corruption bribery 3 hundred million why was not sentenced to death? In Tieyi data figure original title: "the first 3 hundred million of the new China bribery corruption" why not sentenced to death? In October 21st, due to bribery 3 billion yuan, Heilongjiang province in the intermediate people’s court sentenced, Heilongjiang Longmay Mining Holdings Refco Group Ltd supply branch company deputy general manager Tieyi to death with a two-year reprieve, life imprisonment and. The amount of bribes, the court finds the case of bribery in the new China, the first corruption." Bribery more than 3 he is who? Luxury car to supplier plane came to watch countless cards accompany Yu Tieyi was born in 1954, previously was a star of the local coal industry. Before the incident, he served as Heilongjiang Longmay Mining Holdings Refco Group Ltd supplies branch deputy general manager, deputy secretary of the Party committee and Party committee investigator positions. In March 29, 2013 Tieyi was detained in April 11th of the same year, was arrested. At the beginning of 2014 to Tieyi indicted to the court. According to the prosecution allegations, from 2005 to 2011, deputy general manager responsible person, responsible for the overall work of his office as the Dragon coal supply company to provide Tieyi utilization, increasing the number of orders and purchase to improve the purchase price, payment and other help in time for more than twenty suppliers, in order to collect the sales agency fees, consulting fees, purchase in the name of investment vehicles, soliciting or accepting financial suppliers totaling RMB 3.06 million yuan. In court, in Tieyi acknowledged that the prosecution alleged. In Heilongjiang Commission for Discipline Inspection in the 2013 shooting of "four winds" and the feature film, the deputy director of Heilongjiang Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of a case in a room in Zhao Qingjie, Tieyi dozens of luxury cars, including the value of four, five million Bentley and millions of Rolls-Royce. There are dozens of world watches him home, "jewelry is piles of clusters, hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands of diamond ring, a superb collection of beautiful things, there are dozens of" in addition to Tieyi biggest hobby is called suppliers with his landlords, as long as he wants, and he has a stake in these suppliers either by plane or train that must be on call. Because of the long-term corrosion of money, according to him, I said: "one day without money, I feel uncomfortable……" Why did not so much corruption sentenced to death? There are mitigating circumstances to gradually reduce the death penalty is the development direction of the judicial trial, the court found in Tieyi’s behavior has constituted the crime of accepting bribes, and the amount is especially huge. At the same time, he was arrested after active account of most of the facts of the crime, exposing others to the crime clues, frankly, meritorious service, while pay back the property involved, the final court sentenced to death, deprived of political rights for life and confiscation of all personal property. After the expiration of the probation period shall be commuted to life imprisonment, life imprisonment, no commutation, parole. For not sentenced to death immediately this problem, Sichuan high vascular lawyer, Sichuan think-tank legal expert Zheng Tao explained: according to China’s "Supreme People’s court and Supreme People’s Procuratorate on handling corruption Kai相关的主题文章: