Nexus5x 7.1 liter Android has a chance to get Google did not save digital – Sohu pppd-175

Nexus5X 7.1 liter Android has a chance to get Google: didn’t save the Sohu digital Zhongguancun online news: Google Android  7 in the less part of the equipment can be updated, and some love early adopters of the Nexus user has already begun to try the latest 7.1 days before the foreign system, but using Nexus  5X users encountered troubles after the upgrade have a chance to meet an infinite restart situation, basically scrapped brick. Nexus  5X Android  7.1 has a chance to upgrade;     appearance of brick; I believe every love toss old Android mobile phone users, have all been brush brick, but the foreign Nexus  the 5X user is received the official Google push Android  7.1 after the upgrade, even Google official also suggested that these users to repair or replace the hands of Nexus  5X, seems to be not saved.     Nexus series mobile phone has a system update speed is very fast, although there is no country line version, but love mobile phone users will buy smuggled goods experience authentic Native Android, the foreign friends appear the accident has a chance to cause mobile phone reboot, currently recommended handheld 5X users first not early adopters of Android  7.1.相关的主题文章: