No chance to buy Wang Jianlin at Paramount Pictures, SONY pictures-yo te amo

No chance to buy Wang Jianlin at Paramount Pictures, SONY pictures recently, Wanda Group officially announced with SONY (Sony) reached a strategic cooperation Studio Entertainment’s Motion Picture Group, SONY will open SONY film in the future to Wanda movie making equity investment, and strive to make the cast film show China elements, and Wanda will use their the global cinema and other resources to carry out propaganda work, to help SONY film. At present, the government has not announced the specific cooperation film, but the two sides are negotiating cooperation films including "Spider Man": the return from "big cousin Jennifer · Laurence and Star Jazz" starring Chris · parattah space travelers, "new" brave game "," The Smurfs "etc.. In the future, the two sides will cooperate more films. It is reported that, for part of the film, Wanda Group will provide SONY pictures movie in Chinese when marketing help, another part of the film, Wanda Group will provide 10% – 15% financing. Wang Jianlin said in an interview with Reuters, said, my goal is to acquire the company of Hollywood, and their technology and film production capacity into china." This is the first Chinese company reached investment cooperation, open and one of the six major Hollywood studios, obviously, although not the acquisition of Wanda paramount, but Hollywood did not stop the pace of. Previously, Wanda is actively promoting the relevant transaction intention 49% paramount, paramount equity, but with Avia Kham before President Philip · dormann out, this transaction will be stranded. But this did not stop Wanda continues to expand its influence in Hollywood. By the beginning of the acquisition of legendary pictures, Wanda reached with the cooperation of universal pictures. At the same time, Wanda also alone to invest in the paramount "renzheshenqiu" and "Transformers" series of films. This cooperation is also quite favorable for SONY. SONY can not only access to the world’s first movie theaters Wanda cinema support, but also to get a long-term stable source of funds. Recently, SONY and Lone Star capital cooperation is about to expire, it is not sure whether the Lone Star will continue to participate in the project after SONY. Before, in the "Ghostbusters" project, Lone Star capital trying to get out, thus eliminating a huge loss, which makes SONY very unhappy, they have to bear huge losses. May be because of "Ghostbusters" event, SONY will seek new partners. Wanda has always wanted to enter Hollywood is undoubtedly the right partner. Wanda is not only a relatively large wallet, but also has Hollywood blockbusters are eager to enter the Chinese market. But for Wanda, how to sell Chinese movies to the world is the real goal. Wang Jianlin repeatedly stated that Wanda to build a world-class cultural company, it is therefore, Wanda will actively promote the SONY film show more Chinese elements". In the upcoming "the Great Wall", Matt · Damon will play in the the Great Wall monster, this "mix" may be more and more.相关的主题文章: