Now the first 109 years of Wenzhou longevity is known as a Chinese mother-spyair

Now the first 109 years of Wenzhou longevity is known as a "Chinese mother" Wenzhou mountain water, has always been a star of longevity. In May 10th this year, the province was the oldest old Zhang Xiangmei died, at the age of 115, she lived in the garden village red town Cangnan county. Previously, Yongjia County Nanxi River Zhang Xi Xiang Zhang Xi Cun Chen Aixiang old, at the age of 116, and had maintained a continuous 7 years of longevity crown, has been called "the first person in Zhejiang province". Today, Wenzhou is the oldest man, from the village of Ruian City, Jiang Suifeng Ma Yu Zhen Mei bottom, has been 109 years old this year, is called "herbal mother-in-law", for two consecutive years to become Wenzhou’s ten birthday. Although it is wrinkled, but Jiang Suifeng’s mental state is very good, although not all white hair, ears back a bit, but still very clear enunciation. Yesterday, in the face of several road reporters, the old man can answer fluently. People are strange, the elderly can still take care of themselves now. The old man was born in a Chinese family, the father in the local famous monasteries, from her, a lot of Chinese herbal medicine knowledge accumulation. The old man likes to go to the mountains to pick up the herbs, to boil the tea to drink. An old man had told the evening news reporter, 3 years ago, aged 106 years old, still every few days to climb a few kilometers of the mountain, go to the mountain herbs, which she maintained decades of habits, even an important exercise project this as a matter of old age. The elderly health, rarely sick. Summer is hot, the old man will burn some herbal tea for the family to drink, and sometimes the villagers to discuss some herbs, warm-hearted old man will not hesitate to bring their own herbs to them. Three years ago, the old man in order to remind the neighbors to close the yard dry, hurried out of the door, was tripped down the stairs, right knee injury, lying in the home for more than half a year of convalescence. Some time ago, and because the slippery road fell, but not serious, on crutches to walk. Now, not idle down old people will still do some housework, for example, to the edge of the field, at the foot of the mountain around, or to pick up fruits and vegetables vegetable. After her husband died of illness in the elderly, almost by one person alone, raising 5 children alone. Today, the elderly children groups, 5 generations, especially during the Spring Festival, all together, some people even her name. But the old man said it was her happiest moment. The old man loves to laugh and is curious about new things. On one occasion, there are people to take her cell phone to take pictures, the old man is very interested, be sure to touch the phone, but also said." Weekdays, sitting at the door, see passers-by smile at her, she also from the heart to be happy, she said, such a day, I feel that the whole body is healthy."相关的主题文章: