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Nutrition improvement help health education — China – original title: "Chinese health nutrition improvement power" has such a data, solid and warm: 29 provinces in 137 thousand schools in the benefit of over 33 million 600 thousand students. There is such a project, and the poor doll posted so close to full belly, warm heart. This is from 2011 onwards, in order to improve the poverty-stricken areas and the family economic difficulties students nutrition and health level, according to the State Council’s decision to deploy the 15 departments of the Ministry of education in conjunction with the Ministry of finance to start the implementation of rural compulsory education students nutrition improvement plan. In five years, great importance to the Ministry of education and other departments, nutrition improvement plan from the start of the poorest and most remote areas, has brought tangible benefits to the majority of the pilot areas of rural compulsory education students. The implementation of rural compulsory education to improve student nutrition plan is following the construction of boarding schools in rural areas "of the countryside junior middle school renovation project" and "two from a policy after another major project, the national introduction of heart warming project. This is the party and the government for the people and by the people, for the people to do practical things and good things embodied, but also to improve the national quality, focus on the national future, reflected an important measure of social civilization and progress. The implementation of the nutrition improvement plan is important and necessary. Long people’s livelihood, health, health is the inevitable requirement of promoting the all-round development of people, is an important symbol of national prosperity and the prosperity of the country. No national health, there is no comprehensive well-off." The party and the state have achieved the national rejuvenation and the people’s well-being, put people’s health in the strategic position of priority development, sounded the clarion call for the protection of people’s health. The young students of our population, the proportion of about 20%, the majority of young people in school can eat, eat well, is a major livelihood of every family and the whole society concerned, their healthy growth to the future of the country and the hope of the nation. The implementation of the nutrition improvement program is warm and heavy. In the present, in the future. Primary and secondary school stage is the key period for the development of young people’s physical and mental development, this stage if malnutrition, not only affect the physical and mental development, but also affect its overall development and lifelong happiness. It is an effective way to improve the level of nutrition and health of the students and improve the livelihood of the people. Of course, a good run, the key is still implemented. After that, significantly enhance the rural area students’ physical qualities in the future, the implementation of rural compulsory education to improve student nutrition plan, the key is still in the implementation, the importance of local governments need to fully understand the work and urgency, strictly regulate the management, improve the working mechanism, with the most serious accountability, strict supervision to ensure the safety of the tongue. Good run, but also need to further enhance the concept of consensus. On the one hand, it is necessary to advocate and promote the concept of healthy diet, to enhance the whole society, especially the nutritional and health ability of young people, to promote the "student nutrition improvement program" to maximize the effectiveness of. On the one hand, calling on the whole society this work will rise to the height of the future of the motherland to work together. Help "healthy China"相关的主题文章: