Often pick nose, carefully dig out nasal polyps! bleep

Often pick nose, carefully dig out nasal polyps! Dig your nose, I believe we’ve done it. Although the nose is a thing not worth mentioning, but your nose is not a good habit, if often pull the nose, will cause harm to the body, even lead to nasal polyps. Do not pull the nose is often the reason why many people pull the nose, probably because the nose itch, it may be because the nose there are dirty things to clean up, this is excusable. However, some people have a habit of picking his nose, no matter the nose is not dirty dirty, all want to reach out and pull up medical experts said, nose and nose hair is the first barrier to protect the nose, nose has a good filtering effect of breathing in air, will prevent the intrusion of bacteria, but when you pick your nose when the hair will fall off, easy to bacterial invasion and infection caused by external stimulation, nasal cavity. Long term nose is harmful to the human body, not only will damage the nasal cavity, serious will cause oral mucosa damage. Often pull the nose can cause nasal polyps and nasal polyps, are Chinese medicine known as rhinopolypus, is a common disease in Department of ENT, nasal polyps occurred in nasal neoplasm, its surface is smooth, white or pale pink, soft touch and pain, accompanied by persistent congestion, hyposmia, nose increased. Headache, dizziness and other symptoms, caused a great threat to the health of patients. Nasal polyps are usually caused by the patients eating spicy food at ordinary times, causing wind heat evil toxin accumulation in the nasal orifice. In addition, often picking nose will also cause nasal polyps, because people’s fingers are dirty, during which the bacteria are countless. Pull the nose, hard nails will damage the skin and mucous membrane in the nose, causing bleeding will nail the bacteria directly into the nasal cavity, cause rhinitis, long past, can cause nasal polyps. How to prevent nasal polyps? 1, do not pull the nose or pull normally in life, to get rid of the bad habit of picking his nose, avoid finger bacteria into the nose, if the nose has a dirty, clean the nose or wipe with paper towels recommendations. 2, eat spicy food, Chinese medicine believes that spicy food is easy to make the lungs accumulate gas, and then appear in the nose caused by nasal polyps. So we should reduce the intake of spicy food, quit smoking and drink, and develop good eating habits. 3, when going out wearing masks, it is best to wear a mask, to avoid toxic gas, dust and other long-term irritation to the nasopharynx. 4, prevention of cold, active prevention and treatment of cold, timely increase and decrease of clothing according to seasonal changes. If the nasal congestion is serious, don’t blow your nose, so as not to cause sinusitis, otitis media and so on. Have a negative impact on human health of nasal polyps, so we should pay attention to normal nose health, try not to pull the nose, if symptoms of nasal polyps to check the treatment promptly to the regular hospital.

经常抠鼻子 小心抠出鼻息肉!抠鼻子,相信大家都做过。虽然抠鼻子是一件微不足道的事,但是抠鼻子是一个不好的习惯,如果经常抠鼻子,会对身体造成危害,甚至还会导致鼻息肉。抠鼻子不宜经常做许多人之所以会抠鼻子,可能是因为鼻子痒,也可能是因为鼻子里有脏东西需要清理,这都情有可原。然而,有的人会习惯性地抠鼻子,不管鼻子脏不脏,都要伸手去抠一下,有医学专家表示,鼻孔中,鼻毛是保护鼻子的第一道屏障,鼻毛对呼吸进来的空气有较好的过滤作用,会防止细菌的入侵,但当你抠鼻子时,鼻毛会随之脱落,容易使外界的细菌入侵,引发鼻腔的刺激与感染。长期抠鼻子对人体是有害的,不仅会伤害鼻腔,严重的还会造成口腔黏膜破坏。经常抠鼻子会引发鼻息肉鼻息肉,也被中医称为鼻痔,是一种常见的耳鼻喉科疾病,鼻息肉是发生于鼻腔内的赘生物,它表面光滑,色淡白或淡红,触之柔软而不痛,伴有持续性鼻塞,嗅觉减退,鼻涕增多,头痛,头昏等症状,对患者的身体健康造成很大威胁。鼻息肉多是因患者平时素吃辛辣食物,使风热邪毒积聚于鼻窍引起的。另外,经常抠鼻子也会引发鼻息肉,因为人的手指是很脏的,其间的病菌更是不计其数。抠鼻时,坚硬的指甲会损伤鼻子内的皮肤和粘膜,造成出血,也会将指甲中的细菌直接带入鼻腔内,引起鼻炎,长期以往,会引发鼻息肉。该如何预防鼻息肉?1、少抠或不抠鼻子平时在生活中,要改掉抠鼻子的坏习惯,避免手指的细菌进入鼻子,如果鼻子内有脏东西,建议用清水清洗鼻子或用纸巾擦拭。2、少吃辛辣食品中医认为,辛辣食品容易使肺部积气,进而呈现在鼻子内引发鼻息肉。所以我们要减少辛辣食品的摄入量,戒烟戒酒,养成良好的饮食习惯。3、外出戴口罩外出时,最好戴上口罩,避免有毒气体、粉尘等对鼻咽部长期刺激。4、预防感冒积极防治伤风感冒,根据季节变化及时增减衣物。如果鼻塞严重不要强行擤鼻涕,以免导致鼻窦炎、中耳炎等。鼻息肉对人体的健康有着不利的影响,所以我们平时要注意鼻子卫生,尽量不要抠鼻子,如果出现鼻息肉症状要及时到正规医院检查治疗。相关的主题文章: