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Dating There’s a .mon trend that has been around for many years in the dating scene. Many older single men want to date much younger attractive women. Some say it’s .pletely natural for older single men to be drawn towards younger women. It’s a biological pull, having something to do with fertility and the need to spread their seed. No matter what the cause, it’s no less .mon now a days for older single men to chase after younger women than it was 100’s of years ago. The difference lies in the fact that many younger women are not necessarily looking to date older men. Nowadays, many women are self sufficient and are looking for someone to .pliment their lives, not necessarily to look after them financially. But of course, this isn’t always the case. Here are 5 important things that older single men should know in order to date a younger woman. 1. Looks do count If you want to date a fit, attractive younger woman then ask yourself are you a fit, attractive older man? Some people may say money is the number one thing you must have to attract a younger woman and that is the case in some circumstances but you still need to look good. Women want a man that takes pride in the way he looks and presents himself. Hit the gym, get a stylish hair cut and dress well. If you want to attract younger women, strive at being an attractive older man. 2. Don’t be cheap and be chivalrous A very .mon turn off for women is men who are cheap. Women still like chivalry and if you are willing to spend money on them, it’s a big turn on. Let’s face it, if you want to date a younger attractive woman you have to use everything you have in your arsenal. Be gentlemen, open doors, carry her heavy bags and if you can treat a woman to an expensive dinner, or buy her things she can’t afford herself, you both win, she gets pretty things and you get a pretty thing.her. 3. Don’t "father" her As an older single man you may have more "life experiences" than a younger single woman, however, you don’t want to treat her like a child. If you nag at her or try and control her or belittle her, she will start to think of you as a father figure rather than a lover. If you want to date a younger single woman you will need to accept that she may be more nave in some areas than you with less "life experiences " and her views may be more modern. 4. Be social Younger attractive single women often have a busy social circle. If you keep an active social life as well, it shows you have good people skills and that people like you. It is also important that you get along with her friends; a woman’s friends are very important and their opinions can often make or break your chances. Invite her to public functions, share your hobbies and interests and make her feel included in your personal life. 5. Have manners and be respectful With money .es power and that may attract younger women to older men. However, if you abuse that power by being rude to others, that can be a huge turn-off. Ask her for her opinion; if you want a woman who is young, attractive and smart, you will have to show her that you respect her. Next time you want to ask an attractive younger single woman out, be sure to reference this list first and it will lead you towards success. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: