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SEO The link between the online reputation of a business and their customer service are so closely related that they virtually go hand in hand; in essence to improve your online reputation it will involves measures put in place to improve your customer service. Fairly often is the case that on the internet there may be some negative reviews and comments, business often employ professional in order to try get rid of the negative comments however this is only possible in some cases, in others various techniques are used in order to suppress the comments. In order to get the best out of a situation, sometimes you just have to embrace it. For example, if there is a negative comment on a consumer forum, instead of acting like you have something to hide and trying to have it removed, try responding to the comment. This will help your online reputation as people will see that you have good customer service because you are trying to help the person out instead of removing the comment which will infuriate them further. In some cases the information on these sites may be false or inaccurate, in those cases the best thing to do would be to contact the administrator of the board and ask for the comment to be removed. Online reputation management professionals will do things like this to try get rid of some of the negative comments, however it is important to remember that people have freedom of speech and they can say what they want. Therefore the professionals will spend majority of their time using other tactics such as creating social media profiles, blogs and other online assets. By creating blogs and social media profiles it can improve both your customer service and your online reputation. Online assets such as blogs gives a platform to users in which they can voice concerns, ask for advice and more. By letting them do this, it gives the business an opportunity to reply to them and show the business in a positive light. This also shows users that you have an active business and will reassure them that if they had any queries they would be answered and dealt with quickly, this can be very good for your online reputation. It is important to understand just how damaging negative comments can be, and once they have been posted on the internet a lot of the time they are there to stay. As powerful as the internet can be to promote your brand it can also be just as dangerous, therefore it"s always advisable to hire a professional to take care of your online reputation management. Igniyte specialises in SEO and general online reputation. For more information on how improving your customer service can help your reputation, or for further help, contact us. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: