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Or listed in 2017   Volkswagen BlueMotion version POLO exposure spy – people.com.cn car — people.com.cn people.com.cn October 14 Beijing Xinhua (Hu Yigong) recently, the media exposure of a group of POLO Volkswagen BlueMotion version of the domestic real car photos. It is reported that the new car is expected to market in the first quarter of 2017. The appearance of the new model and the ordinary version of the model is basically the same, but in the details of the forward air grille has been adjusted, the tail has BlueMotion exclusive logo. As we see from the car tail no "Volkswagen" logo, and the license plate frame is European style, so the car should be a prototype test car overseas POLO BlueMotion version. Interior, the overall layout of the new car is basically the same as the ordinary version of the model, with a large size control screen, the screen arranged on both sides of a number of function buttons. Power, overseas POLO BlueMotion version, which is equipped with a 1.0TSI turbocharged three cylinder engine, maximum power of 95 horsepower, peak torque is 118 nm? M, transmission is expected to match the 5 speed manual gearbox. (source: – BITAUTO) comment: in the environmental protection era, in addition to the development of hybrid and pure electric, many car companies have launched their own environmental protection and energy saving scheme, BlueMotion is one of them, it is worth looking forward to. (Hu Yi, commissioning editor Dou Ming)相关的主题文章: