Oral Wills her mother gave me two suites, shameless elder sister ran to hit my house ca1834

Oral Wills: her mother gave me two suites, shameless elder sister ran to hit my husband 10 years younger than his sister, before I met her husband his sister moved to Australia, from love to marriage and I didn’t know he had a sister, her husband said his sister is not filial piety, after marrying a Taiwan boss, never contacted home, her mother-in-law had cried all day long missing sister-in-law, a long time, sister-in-law indifference let her mother down, no longer talking about her every day. I have never seen a sister-in-law, her husband said he did not have this sister, even after the back will not let her into the house, the contradiction between sister-in-law home and I am not very clear, but the husband and mother-in-law tells, I only know that the sister-in-law is a cold power, do not read the sentiments of the people. Later, I gave birth to two, by my mother to help me with a big, her mother is a kind old man, cheerful and optimistic, every day to jump square dance, in their group of sisters she still lead dance. This is a look very optimistic, very tough body and old man suddenly admitted to the hospital, the doctor is the result of advanced cancer. Never before have any signs of the inspection results so that the whole family can’t accept, also dare not tell her she was in the end what disease, but her mother-in-law is very sensitive, see my eyes with tears, she insisted that I tell what disease get in the end, I just said some diseases common in the elderly, infusion maintenance for a period of time, the mother-in-law did not speak, lying sideways on the bed to sleep. I hold the husband suffering in the hospital corridor, husband first took the initiative to sister-in-law telephoned, but perhaps for many years without contact, sister-in-law had changed the telephone, only the mother sick things inform sister-in-law by mail, she answered a call in second days, my husband not to blame take good care of her mother-in-law, said she will come back to find my husband afterwards, my husband said that good, you hurry back, I wait for you to come back to find me off. But a week sister-in-law did not come back again to the husband, she dialed the phone, asked her what time to return home, sister-in-law said there should be no time to take care of the children, her husband travel back, not at home, not to give their children alone at home. The husband asked sister-in-law still human, mother have disease so serious, you can calm the visit at a glance. The mother-in-law hospitalized more than a month, she knew their illness, before and after the treatment of spent hundreds of thousands, mother insisted on giving up treatment, do not want to waste money, because the treatment also makes her feel very painful, she made a will, she died, own two houses left two grandchildren, all property for my husband, and the husband will let me send sister-in-law. The results of the two day after the sister-in-law home, found a home, the day I was at home to mother cook to take to the hospital, sister-in-law was forced to knock on the door, I was scared to go to the door, but I didn’t know it was her sister-in-law, into the door in my house and smashed all over, I can’t stop she is looking for a neighbor, the neighbor is recognized her, are called her not filial piety, let her go back to go abroad. I said Mom was in the hospital, and you ran home相关的主题文章: