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"Our rule" ended   Nicky Wu Huang Xiu – Zitao somersault diving people.com.cn entertainment channel — Nicky Wu Xing Aowei climbed the banyan people.com.cn people.com.cn August 27 Beijing Xinhua (Tang Ping) Anhui TV reality show "we observe large record rules" the last one will be on Saturday August 27th broadcast file 21. Nicky Wu, Huang Zitao, big show somersault diving, Xiong Dailin enjoyed the "thermal bar dance", members of mutual evaluation of mysterious VCR first exposure, sun Yizhou ridicule Nicky Wu is "savage", Xiao Shenyang, Huang Zitao staged a confession but burst out laughing. This week the "jungle family" and "crazy primitive" journey will tender ending, together with all the members of bid farewell to the jungle. Jungle family encounter blue hole in this episode, jungle family will look for what is known as the jungle blue eyes of the blue hole. "Jungle family" walked through the jungle to reach the destination, everyone was deeply shocked by the beauty of the blue hole. Nicky Wu took the lead in the run-up to a 140 degree swivel somersault dive action crisp show "Thunderbolt tiger" style. Then the "jungle family" members have demonstrated fancy diving skills, the Olympic champion Xing Aowei staged the "Lei Yue Longmen", "Foshan sun Yizhou funny to jump". The family and Huang Zitao had participated in the star diving program, with profound martial arts skills, a beautiful set of 360 degree flip into the water action scene. Xiong Dailin dressed in sports vest elegant into the water, big show good health. The family under the banyan tree ending a photo of Xiong Dailin dance "Pole Dance" jungle jungle tour is coming to an end, the last supper will be what kind of delicious food? In order to enrich the final table, bamboo compiled by Nicky Wu, Xing Aowei creel together, preparing for the arrest of eel; Li Yapeng also show large craft, a plurality of Floating Hook threading in a bamboo pole, made of float fishing tools. Yulou trap and float fishing "double insurance" battle, Nicky Wu, Li Yapeng, Xing Aowei can catch a big fish? Last night, "Bush family" around the campfire playing "truth adventure" game. The incarnation of Xiao Shenyang named Xiong Dailin "mischievous emcee, funky dance bar". Xiong Dailin incarnation stage queen, a section of the dance full of power. Before the end of the assessment of VCR exposure in the occasion of parting, they have to talk to each other again? In this issue of the program, a mysterious family members will comment on the VCR broadcast, which contains the impression of each member of each other, the jungle family will be the first exposure of the truth. Nicky Wu praised Xing Aowei, Xiao Shenyang and broke the old stems in boa Island, is what kind of fun so that we can move and couldn’t help laughing? Sun Yizhou why ridicule Nicky Wu is savage, and doubt that the woman is not a woman, Xiong Dailin? Xiao Shenyang, Huang Zitao staged a confession, but unexpectedly burst out laughing. All content on Saturday August 27th 21 o’clock, "our warmth ending rule". (commissioning editor: he Yingchun, Xiong Xu)相关的主题文章: