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Ovulation is not pregnant, you really ovulation? – Sohu maternal ovulation — we will be together with a total of 10 days of ovulation, ovulation period is called, is a woman’s most fertile period, however, there are some special cases exist — ovulation intercourse is infertility. In general, inoculation needs a healthy egg with normal sperm binding, the formation of the fertilized egg in the womb, and their growth and development. And for those ovulation intercourse but not pregnant is the best explanation — ovulation intercourse only increased the probability of pregnant women only, and not absolute. Because some women’s physical illness, psychological factors, and even environmental factors, may not be able to normal ovulation or discharge of immature eggs, not fertilized, pregnant. What are you likely to overlook when you are ovulating, and a woman who has a successful pregnancy must meet the following conditions: the ovaries are able to discharge normal eggs?. Normal semen and normal sperm. Sperm can be met in the fallopian tube and the synthesis of fertilized eggs, fertilized eggs returned to the uterine cavity smoothly. Fourth, the endometrium is fully prepared for the implantation of fertilized eggs. Anovulation infertility caused by ovulation is called easy pregnancy, because in this period, women have eggs, but if in the ovulation period, no eggs, and cannot be fertilized by sperm, naturally not pregnant. Out of normal egg infertility caused by many diseases may cause the egg can not be normal development, generation and discharge, such as polycystic ovary syndrome, unable to generate fully developed eggs, also cannot become pregnant. Tubal infertility caused by tubal disease often do not have obvious physical symptoms, a lot of women in clinical practice is also due to many years of infertility to see the fallopian tube blockage. Tubal infertility is the most common. There are many other factors may affect the pregnancy, such as vaginal abnormalities, cervical abnormalities, endocrine abnormalities, etc.. If there is 1 years after marriage sexual life is not pregnant, it is recommended to the regular hospital inspection. At the same time to remind female friends, just ovulation intercourse conception is relatively large, and not hundred percent will be pregnant. Does not have a pregnancy does not mean that suffering from infertility, need to find out the specific reasons for effective treatment. Life is a great and hard things, blessing every pregnant mother can quickly prepare pregnant eugenic, enjoy the joy of motherhood ~ more prepared pregnant, please add micro signal: bjtlbyby2 (public number search bjtlbyby2 long press copy).相关的主题文章: