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Fu Moyang: non farm attack from these points to understand the latest non farm clients to view the latest market tonight (October 7th) Beijing time 8:30 the United States will be released in September payrolls report. Although Wednesday (October 5th) non farm accident baoleng, but the U.S. ISM non manufacturing strong momentum, market forecast will increase in nonfarm payrolls in September 170 thousand, the unemployment rate remained stable at around 4.9%. The report will not only further disclose the Fed’s interest rate hike information, will also have a certain impact on the U.S. presidential election. Pay Moyang summed up the September payrolls report the following five things. The first point: the unemployment rate steady at 4.9% in September that the Fed needs to see stronger economic data support to raise interest rates, so the unemployment rate and the inflation rate for the Fed should be the priority among priorities, this month the most important data that the unemployment rate. The unemployment rate is currently stable at around 4.9%, after the previous large-scale fall, the unemployment rate remained stable level since last year. This is thought to be a good sign: the number of people employed has risen, and many of those who quit work have been on the edge of the workforce to re-enter the labor market. If this trend can be maintained, the Fed’s rate hike is bound to reduce the pressure. But if the unemployment rate fell again, to a certain extent, the economic recovery, the Fed raised interest rates in the short term pressure. The Fed hopes to stabilize unemployment at the end of 4.8%. The second point: the rate of increase in the growth rate of strong job growth after the beginning of the weak, in the past few months remain strong. From June to August, the market added an average of 232000 jobs. Up to now, a total of 182000 new jobs in 2016, the level of population and slow rate of decline in the level of labor growth. Over the same period last year, an average of 219000 new jobs. The third point: the rise in the average wage another indicates that the labor market is close to the overall health of the signs: this year the average wage of workers rose. August average hourly wage of private sector workers was $25.73, up 2.4% over last year. The rise in the average wage means that because of the scarcity of labor, employers are more motivated than employees. In addition, the rise in wages is sufficient to consolidate the family financial situation without causing inflation. The fourth point: the rise of labor growth over the past few years, labor growth has become the most encouraging signs of the U.S. economy. In the year to August of this year, the number of U.S. residents who are working or are actively looking for work increased by 2 million 400 thousand, representing the largest increase in the past 12 months since 2007. Among them, the number of people working in the golden age (25-54 years) in August rose 80.7% from the same period last year to 81.3%. However, the proportion of 81.3% is still not the same 1990s heyday compared to 84%-85%. The fifth point: the energy industry downturn is coming to an end in the past two years, one of the biggest economic downturn in the energy industry, including oil, gas and coal industry. Oil prices have fallen since two years ago and global demand has been weak, leading to energy companies to cut jobs and cut spending. Past two years.相关的主题文章: