People’s Daily Party cadres will lose political power – no end of trouble for the future Sohu news pretty rhythm

People’s Daily: Party cadres will lose political power – the Sohu news of Party members and cadres to no end of trouble for the future especially senior cadres of our party’s governing the key minority, they in the event before the attitude, position and performance, is essential for the development of the party and the state. Because of this, the party’s the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee stressed that party members and cadres, particularly senior cadres in front of major issues issues of right and wrong ambiguous attitude, can not shake the basic political position, can not be swayed by false statements. This can not help but think of Comrade Mao Zedong’s assessment of Comrade Xie Jianying: "the only cautious in his life, the big thing is not confused," said Mr. Zhuge." Throughout the life of Comrade Xie Jianying in the Chinese revolution and the construction of a major contribution made by the moment, he is worthy of this evaluation. Comrade Xie Jianying in the section office to see the key, in the face of major issues issues of right and wrong firm political stance, not to be wrong ideas and play an important role in the crucial moment, reflects the strong political force. It also tells us, Party members and cadres, particularly senior cadres must strengthen "every event study Lu end" consciousness, keep a clear mind and strong political force. What is political power? It refers to the ability to eliminate all kinds of interference in politics, eliminate all kinds of confusion, stick to the correct position and keep the right direction. Anyone is a political connotation including many organic whole, such as to Marx’s firm belief, high degree of confidence in Chinese socialism, to effectively implement the central decision-making arrangements, all kinds of wrong thought keen to identify. Throughout China’s revolution, construction and Reform in various historical periods, the Communist Party of China thousands on thousands of firm belief of Marx, firmly establish the ideal of communism, every event has a static, non judgment and sacrifice and dedication. The practice of Fang Zhimin "hard struggle to the death to death," the oath, as Jiao Yulu "dare to teach new days", Guo Mingyi insisted on 20 years of blood donation charity…… They write the ideal faith Weili, highlighting the political power of the valuable. Comrade Xi Jinping pointed out, "a test of whether a firm ideal faith cadres, mainly to see that they have no political force in the face of a major political test". Under the new situation, facing the "Four Test" and "four danger", the majority of Party members and cadres to produce qualified answer, but there are very few people of poor performance may even fail. Some theoretical accomplishment is insufficient, lack of political judgment and political discernment, in front of some major issues issues of right and wrong in disorderly fashion; weak will, in front of the ideological struggle "time and again come out, partly veiled"; some lack of ideals and beliefs, when "the enlightened gentry" in the wrong speech before, "cherish the reputation" the set. The ancients cloud, "ambition not stand, such as no rudder of the boat, no title of the horse, drift Ben Yi, the end also what the bottom?" Party members and cadres have lofty ideals and the pursuit of the chest, the problem on major issues issues of right and wrong rickets, once suffering from political power loss, will be painful but hate no end of trouble for the future. Anyone will not have strong political and natural, not once and for all. Political firm from the theoretical sober, we need to absorb more oxygen theory, often fill the spirit of calcium, and constantly strengthen the "Four Consciousness", always.相关的主题文章: