Philippines’s president says it will not give up the drug policy under external pressure — people.c

Philippines’s president says it will not give up the drug policy under external pressure — Guangxi channel — original title: President of Philippines said not because of external pressure to abandon the drug policy of Philippines’s president Duthel Te said on the 6, he will give up his drug policy in exchange for some international organizations and foreign governments and aid. Duthel Te made a speech in the southern Philippines said he does not expect the United States and the European Union to understand his anti drug policy, don’t expect them to understand the suffering of the philippines. If they stopped giving aid to Philippines, he wouldn’t beg". Duthel Te said: "we are trying to save the country in peril, you will follow the trouble, at human rights, with assistance to threaten us." "Just for a little help, what do you want us to do? What are we going to do?" We must persist in suffering again." He has repeatedly stressed his zero tolerance for drug crimes". During his presidential campaign, he repeatedly said he would crack down on drug crimes and promised to basically solve the problem within 3 to 6 months after he came to power. In June 30th inaugurated, Walter immediately started to crack down on domestic drug crimes, there are more than 3000 drug-related suspects killed in the Philippine police anti drug operations. At the beginning of August, Walter also released a list of public officials suspected of drug-related, involving more than 150 people, including government officials, judges, police, soldiers and members. However, the Philippine government’s drug policy led to the United States and some international organizations criticize. In this regard, Walter asked the international community not to intervene in the internal affairs of Philippines. According to the statistics of Philippines state Narcotics Control Bureau in 2014, about 1/4 of the country’s more than 4.2 townships are affected by drug crimes, and the capital Manila is the hardest hit area of drug crimes. (reporter Yang Keyang Tianmu) (commissioning editor Pang Guanhua and Chen Lulu)

菲律宾总统称不会迫于外部压力放弃扫毒政策–人民网广西频道–人民网 原标题:菲律宾总统称不会迫于外部压力放弃扫毒政策 菲律宾总统杜特尔特6日表示,他不会为了换取一些国际机构和外国政府的援助而放弃他的扫毒政策。 杜特尔特在菲南部发表讲话说,他不指望美国和欧盟等理解他的扫毒政策,也不指望他们理解菲律宾人遭受的痛苦。如果他们因此停止对菲律宾的援助,他也不会“乞求”。 杜特尔特说:“我们正努力拯救国家于危亡,你们却跟着捣乱,叫嚷人权,还拿援助要挟我们。”“就为了一点援助,你们叫我们干什么,我们就干什么?再苦我们也要坚持下去。” 杜特尔特多次强调,他对毒品犯罪“零容忍”。他在竞选总统期间就曾多次表示要严厉打击毒品犯罪,并承诺要在上台后的3到6个月内基本解决这个问题。 6月30日正式就任后,杜特尔特立即对国内毒品犯罪展开严厉打击,目前已有3000多名涉毒嫌犯在菲警方缉毒行动中毙命。8月初,杜特尔特还公布了一份涉嫌涉毒的公职人员名单,涉及150余人,其中包括政府官员、法官、军人、警察和议员。 然而,菲政府的扫毒政策却招致美国和一些国际组织的批评。对此,杜特尔特要求国际社会不要干预菲律宾的内政。 据菲律宾国家禁毒局2014年统计,菲全国4.2万余个乡镇中,约四分之一受毒品犯罪影响,首都马尼拉是毒品犯罪重灾区。(记者杨柯 杨天沐) (责编:庞冠华、陈露露)相关的主题文章: