Photos Catherine Hung responded Siu Chung Mok shelling husband son show happiness behind

Photos: Catherine Hung’s response to Siu Chung Mok blasted her husband and son show happiness behind Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media "news" reported that Siu Chung Mok broke up with Catherine Hung has been more than 17 years, but recently Siu Chung Mok suddenly issued an angry shelling Catherine Hung, seeking to let go of the book by words in micro-blog, the message pointed out that what happened that year has actually been in the past, "why brood on the feelings of the matter, probably many more spectators Those closely involved cannot see clearly.. Love and not love, after all is loved. Love, hard love, forced love, not love, even if no wish, you may as well do the most familiar strangers. In any case, not in the name of love to hurt each other, so many years, I can do anything to see you after the men who poured dirty water in the back, I divorce you scold, daughter you scold, even to do public service are you scold." Siu Chung Mok @ Catherine Hung asked: "would you please continue to examine the question through self-reflection, the thing, really wrong with me? My silence does not mean that I dare not say, for my son, I hope there will be no next time." In recent days, Catherine Hung did not respond to this incident, in October 24th, Catherine Hung finally issued a response to this matter, means never said bad things in front of his son, but also hope he does not hurt her family. Catherine Hung’s husband Zhang Danfeng is quite complex, posting up one family happiness, said: "we are to complete it, time flies too fast, thanks to his wife Catherine Hung, with her daughter to work with me, let me after work but also can feel the warmth of the family, it is most unfortunate son (Zhang Haofeng) go to school, not to. Haha, I miss you very much." At the same time upload with Catherine Hung and daughter warm hand photo. Catherine Hung and Siu Chung Mok’s son Mo Haolian (now Zhang Haofeng) together with mother station, also issued a reprint of Zhang Danfeng’s warm sun, micro-blog, means: "there is I am jealous, I want to leave my sister, sister a month, come back to my arms, wish mom and dad come back a family of four, happy, happy is good." Siu Chung Mok and Catherine Hung in 1997 fell in love, Catherine Hung in 2000 in Canada gave birth to a son Haolian Mo, but the son was born, two people have broken up, that when Siu Chung Mok refused to recognize the son and get married, finally by Catherine Hung to raise his son. In recent years, the mainland artists Catherine Hung to marry Zhang Danfeng, Mo Haolian also change with the name and renamed Zhang Haofeng. In fact, over the years because Siu Chung Mok broke up with Catherine Hung has had "left his wife and children", had been without any explanation of the incident.

组图:洪欣回应莫少聪炮轰 老公儿子秀幸福力挺 腾讯娱乐讯 据台湾媒体《东森新闻》报道,莫少聪与洪欣分手至今已超过17年,但近日莫少聪突然发火炮轰洪欣,在微博上发一张“求放过”的书法字样,留言指出当年发生的事其实已成过去,何必耿耿于怀:“感情的事,大概是当局者迷,旁观者更迷。爱与不爱,终究都是爱过的。爱的时候,狠狠爱用力爱,不爱的时候,就算无心祝福,也不妨做最熟悉的陌生人。无论如何,不要以爱的名义互相伤害,这么多年了,我做任何事情都能见到你的人追在后面泼秽水,我离婚被你骂,抚养女儿被你骂,连做公益也要被你骂。”莫少聪还@了洪欣继续问道:“请你抚心自问,当年的事,真的错都在我吗?我沉默不代表我不敢说,为了儿子,希望不要再有下一次。”连日来洪欣并未此事回应,10月24日洪欣终于发文回应此事,指从未在儿子面前说他坏话,亦希望他不要伤害她的家人。而洪欣的丈夫张丹峰也相当配合,发文力撑一家人的幸福,表示:“马上就要杀青啦,时间过得太快了,谢谢老婆洪欣,带着女儿来陪我拍戏,让我收工之后还能感受家庭的温暖,最可惜的是儿子(张浩锋)要上学,不能来。哈哈,我可是好想好想你啊。”同时还上载与洪欣和女儿温馨牵手照。而洪欣与莫少聪的儿子莫镐廉(现名:张浩锋)与母亲站同一阵线,同样发文晒温馨,转载了张丹峰的微博,指:“根本是要我吃醋,我比较想妹妹,妹妹离开我一个月了,快点回到我的怀抱,希望爸爸妈妈快点回来,一家四口开开心心,幸幸福福就好了。”莫少聪与洪欣于1997年相恋,洪欣在2000年在加拿大生下儿子莫镐廉,不过在儿子出世前,二人已经分手,有指当年莫少聪拒认儿子和结婚,最终由洪欣独力抚养儿子。近年洪欣嫁给内地艺人张丹峰,莫镐廉也改跟继父姓及改名为张浩锋。其实多年来莫少聪因与洪欣分手一直背负“抛妻弃子”之名,此前一直没就事件作出任何解释。相关的主题文章: