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Pingyinxian Xiao Zhi Zhen Bao income — scientific utilization of straw channel — Pinyin 9 30, in Pingying County Xiao Zhi Zhen Zhai Shan especially the orchard, a corn straw returning machine shuttle back and forth in fruit trees. According to Zhao Xinggang introduced the orchard management, soil organic matter orchard in China in 0.5%, using the straw backfill way to increase soil organic matter effect orchard is very obvious, if the continuous application of 3-5 years, the organic matter could be increased by one percentage point, to 1.5%. At the same time, but also improve fruit disease resistance, reduce pests, increase the fruit sugar, can effectively enhance the quality of fruit. The corn straw crushing returning to the fruit, which can be used as fertilizer, and can improve soil organic matter, also can make more colorful, delicious fruit. Around the straw Jinshao, in strict control, thorough investigation of Pingyin County town of filial straight at the same time, continue to strengthen the comprehensive utilization of straw, and actively explore the promotion of straw to field in agricultural planting on new technologies and new methods using straw reactor planting potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers has obvious yield, quality and effect. At the same time, crop straw turning waste into treasure, but also the majority of farmers by not burnt for don’t want to burn. (Jia Chuanliang) (commissioning editor Wang Xiaolu and Hu Honglin)

平阴县孝直镇科学利用秸杆保增收–山东频道–人民网 人民网平阴9月30日电 在平阴县孝直镇尤寨山果园里,一辆玉米秸杆还田机在果树间来回穿梭。据果园管理人员赵兴刚介绍,目前我国果园土壤的有机质在0.5%左右,利用秸杆回填的方式来增加果园的土壤有机质效果十分明显,如果连续施用3-5年,有机质能提高一个百分点,达到1.5%。同时,还能提高果树的抗病能力,减少病虫害,增加果实的糖分,果品质量得以有效提升。将这些玉米秸杆粉碎还田,对果树来说,即能作为肥料,又能改善土壤有机质,还可让果实更加鲜艳、可口。 围绕秸杆禁烧,平阴县孝直镇在严管、严查的同时,不断加强秸杆综合利用,积极探索、推广秸杆还田在农业种植上的新技术、新方法,利用秸杆反应堆种植的土豆、西红柿和黄瓜已出现了明显的增产、提质的效果。同时,农作物秸杆变废为宝,也使广大农民由不敢烧变为不想烧。(贾传亮) (责编:王晓璐、胡洪林)相关的主题文章: