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Travel-and-Leisure Royal Kona Resort on Hawaii wants all its visitors to have a safe and happy time, which is why it is publishing several articles on its website for present and future visitors. The articles will offer a checklist and a number of sensible suggestions from Royal Kona management and staff about planning and enjoying a Hawaii family vacation. The first article concerns the preparation stage, and contains a list of must-bring items that prospective tourists and vacationers will sorely miss if they forget to pack them. Vacationers are encouraged to bring plenty of beach clothes such as swimsuits, shorts and tank tops, as well as a hat to protect them from the intense tropical sun. Sunscreen is a must, lest one wakes up one sunny breezy morning with one’s skin on fire and a very large down-draft to any further joy and mobility. Counter-intuitively, it can also be useful to pack a warm coat, jacket and other well-insulated clothes – these will .e in useful if you are interested in visiting Mauna Kea. The mountain tops out at almost 14,000 feet above sea level, and it can get rather chilly at even half that altitude. Visitors are also urged to make copies of credit card information, as well as identification and other important documents. With the mainland thousands of miles away, the loss of a wallet can be a rather significant inconvenience; while local authorities are .petent and friendly, having back-ups of as much paperwork as possible will ensure a much easier time for you if anything happens to your ID or payment methods. The article also discusses when it’s appropriate to rent a car for increased mobility on the Big Island. True to its name, it’s a fairly sizable place, and if you’d like to go afield of Kailua-Kona and are interested in exploring some of the island’s far-flung wonders, a rental vehicle will give you much more flexibility and cost far less than a taxi service. It may be a good idea to inquire about availability and make reservations in advance, rather than hoping to find a car on arrival – Hawaii is always a happening place, and you’re not always guaranteed to find a vehicle. There is a number of other suggestions in the article – on good places to find food, such as Royal Kona’s famous Don the Beach.ber restaurant; places to get the signature Hawaiian drink Mai Tai, transportation to the nearest shopping district and many more. The staff of Royal Kona is happy to help everyone plan a great Hawaii family vacation that will go off without a hitch and leave every visitor with a smile and a bevy of glowing memories. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: