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Can you remember that pregnant women take a shower every day five note on the line – Sohu maternal pregnant women can do pregnant women can take a shower every day summer bath every day, but winter is not necessary, pregnant women, due to many special physiological changes in the body, such as the sweat glands and sebaceous glands, is easy to sweat, sweat and head the oily secretion, if not often shampoo, bath, skin and head dirt can affect the pores of the excretory function, easily lead to infection or other itchy swollen skin disease. Therefore, pregnant women should always wash your hair, take a bath, frequently change clothes, to maintain their own health, to prevent infection, reduce skin diseases, but the bath must be kept in mind that some of the matters needing attention. Note to remember the 1 pregnant women take a bath shower bath than the best take standing shower, not a bath, avoid hot water immersion abdomen, can have a rest if they feel tired or uncomfortable. Of course it is sitting in a bath in the bathtub, not sitting on a stool bath. The reason is not recommended for bath after pregnancy, endocrine changes, acid secretion of vagina with sterilization decreased, your body’s natural defense function is reduced, if the bath to increase the chance of infection. In addition, also easy to bath caused by suffocation, the fetus is not good. The 2 day up to three baths from pregnancy after the skin dander will increase the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous gland is also strong, so take a shower can not only make the body clean, can promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue. But the number of bath is exquisite, although the summer is hot, but the number of bath is not more than three times, expectant mother frequent showers have many security risks, but also on the skin is not good. 3 10-15 minutes each time should not be too long to take a bath. The high temperature and air circulation in the bathroom, add hot water will stimulate systemic blood capillary expansion causes, will make the pregnant mother brain insufficiency, prone to dizziness, fatigue and other symptoms of chest tightness. At the same time, fetal hypoxia, fetal heart rate symptoms. Severe cases can also adversely affect the development of the fetal nervous system. General bath time control in 10-15 minutes is appropriate. In addition, hunger and satiety condition are not easy to take a bath, after eating the best 1 hours later. 4 pregnant in March if the pregnant woman must not bath bath, the best water temperature controlled at 38 DEG C, and the time should not be too long, try to control in 20 minutes. For pregnant women, the safest way to take a shower. Although the bath can make people more relax and soothe emotions, but for women, it is not suitable for regular bath, for pregnant women who should not bath. 5.27 degrees Celsius –37 degrees Celsius is suitable for pregnant women to take a bath, the water temperature to close to the body temperature is good, in general, the water temperature should be below 38 degrees celsius. Because if the water temperature or room temperature is too high, it is likely to cause fetal growth due to hypoxia. Even in the winter, it can not be a long time to wash hot hot hot water, otherwise easily lead to hypoxia asphyxia, and even lead to fetal hypoxia.相关的主题文章: