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.puters-and-Technology Nickel-cadmium battery 0.05C to greater than 1C in the context of constant current charging of NiCd batteries. Some low-cost battery charger using the absolute temperature charge termination. Although simple, low cost, but the charge termination method inaccurate. A better approach is by detecting the voltage drop when the battery is full charge termination. For the charging rate of 0.5C or higher NiCd battery,-V method is most effective. -V charge termination detection should be .bined with the battery temperature detection, because the aging batteries and does not match the battery may reduce V. By detecting the temperature rise rate (dT / dt) can achieve more accurate detection of full charge, this full-charge termination detection than the fixed temperature of the battery better. Based on T / dt and-V charge termination methods can be .bined to avoid the battery charge, longer battery life. Fast charging improves charge efficiency. In the 1C charge rate, the efficiency can be close to 1.1 (91%), full of an empty battery time is 1 hour more. When 0.1C charge, the efficiency drops to 1.4 (71%), charging time is 14 hours. NiCd batteries because of the extent of the power received close to 100%, so almost all the energy in the charge during the beginning of the 70% is absorbed, and the battery to keep cool. Ultra-fast chargers use this feature, the battery charge in a few minutes to 70%, with a few C’s current charge and no heat generation. To 70% charge, the battery and then charge a lower rate to continue until the battery is full. Finally, 0.02C to 0.1C end trickle charge. Ni-MH battery Although NiMH charger and NiCd battery charger is similar, but, NiMH battery charger with T / dt method of charge termination, which is to present the best way to charge NiMH batteries. NiMH battery voltage drop at the end of relatively small, while the low charge rate (less than 0.5C, which take on the temperature) may not appear voltage drop. The new NiMH battery charging cycle in the error peak too soon, this will result in charger to terminate prematurely. In addition, single-ended charge by-V detection is almost certain to appear over charge, leading to limit battery charge and discharge cycles before failure. Does not seem at all conditions (new or old, hot or cold, whole or in part discharge) NiMH batteries are applicable -dV/dt charge algorithm. Therefore, unless the use of NiCd battery charger dT / dt charge termination method, or can not use NiCd battery charger for the NiMH battery. Moreover, because NiMH batteries can not absorb overcharge well, so the trickle charge current smaller than the NiCd batteries (about 0.05C). NiMH rechargeable battery slowly more difficult. Because the rate of 0.1C to 0.3C charging, the voltage and temperature can not accurately indicate the battery is fully charged. Therefore, the slow charger must rely on a timer to decide when charging. This, in order to ensure the NiMH battery is full, should be close to the 1C rate (or the battery manufacturer specified rate) fast charging, while monitoring the voltage (V = 0) and temperature (dT / dt) to determine when the end of charging. Lithium ion and lithium polymer battery Limit the current nickel-based battery charger, and lithium-ion battery charger is required while limiting the voltage and current. The original lithium-ion battery charge voltage limit 4.10V / section. The higher the voltage means greater capacity, can now be achieved by adding chemical additives, the battery voltage 4.20V. The current lithium-ion batteries are typically charged to 4.20V, a tolerance of 0.05V / section. When the terminal voltage reaches the threshold voltage and charging current to 0.03C (about 3% of Icharge, reference Figure 6 ) when the battery is fully charged. Most chargers at full charge and the time is about 3 hours. Although some claim that the linear Li + battery charger takes about an hour, but this type of charger is usually when the battery voltage reaches 4.2V to terminate charge, this method only the battery charge to 70% of its capacity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: