Private fof industry chain the income difference of 100% inclusive into existing game – fund channel

Private FOF industry chain: the income difference of 100% inclusive into existing game – fund channel FOF! On Friday, the Commission formally issued and implemented the "public offering of securities investment funds operating guidelines No. second – Fund guidelines" (hereinafter referred to as the "guidelines"). For small and medium investors, naturally more than a new way of investment, but the majority of this species is quite strange. Compared to the public offering of FOF born, private FOF has been running for some years. Through the deep investigation of private equity FOF industry chain, a large number of authoritative data obtained by the crown, today will be one of your secrets! Exclusive data secret: "golden master" is the main mechanism of annual yield difference of 100% inclusive outstanding asset managers, not just when the stock market is good, to create higher returns for investors, the more he needs in the market is weak, through asset allocation categories to find new haven investments for investors. Volcanic wealth noted that the other side of the raised FOF, private FOF has long been at the forefront of development, and has begun to take shape. Although the private FOF is not very standardized, but in recent years, the growth rate is very fast, especially since 2015, there has been a blowout phenomenon. In this one, who is in the private FOF delivery bullet? Private FOF and give investors what kind of return? Volcanic wealth has launched an investigation. Machine constitutes a major buyer of private FOF, mainly refers to the private equity fund management company FOF, from the establishment of the situation, the vast majority of private equity FOF are established in recent years. Especially with the gradual release of FOF restrictions, the number of FOF products began to increase. Exclusive access to a wealth of volcano Xuan Information Management Research Institute data show that in 2014 issued 162 FOF 2014, the bull market started, the number of issued private FOF in 2015 ushered in blowout, the annual issuance of product number 1240, growth of 665%. Statistics from the first four months of 2016, the number of FOF distribution in 2016 is likely to exceed 1000. From the management point of view, as of the end of 2015, the total size of China’s private equity FOF for 40 billion yuan, accounting for the total size of private equity funds in the industry about 2%; as of 4 at the end of 2016, the number of China’s private securities investment private equity fund and the proportion of FOF accounted for only about 4.3%, the scale of 52 billion 700 million yuan. As can be seen, although the private FOF has begun to take shape, but there is still a lot of room for development as a whole. In addition, from the running of private FOF (or MOM) the number of view, in the 2015 issue of most products, accounting for more than 6, reached 1190, was founded in 2014 is only 134, which was founded in 2014 less than the previous 50. It is worth mentioning that the private FOF is running (or MOM), the highest proportion of independent issue of products, reaching 1299, which is also the relaxation of restrictions, private products no longer rely on trust, brokerage and other channels directly"相关的主题文章: