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"Private person in charge can be settled in Beijing with" the old regulations will cancel – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Zhang Nan) reporter from the morning at the fourteen session of the twenty-ninth meeting of the Standing Committee learned that 62 of the local regulations will be amended or abolished. Previously, there have been "regulations clearly, and to operate a business partner or legal representatives and their spouses and minor children can apply for permanent residence in the city for a long term in the city business and a greater contribution to the private enterprise, without limitation of quota", due to the provisions of this city the implementation of the residence permit system and settled in system integration is not the same, the relevant provisions will be deleted. Reporters learned that, as of June 2015, the city has 143 effective laws and regulations. Among them, administrative approval cleanup relates to 89, involving 400 administrative approval items, regulations set permission, approval, acceptance, identification, inspection, registration, comment and other issues are all included in the range of cleaning; adaptability assessment involves 98 department regulations, formulated before January 1, 2008 and thereafter did not conduct a comprehensive revision of the regulations. According to the results of the cleaning, the classification of the existing laws and regulations. Among them, the absence of laws and administrative regulations or the State Council, the city has been canceled, the adjustment of administrative examination and approval, the individual terms and regulations in part can not meet, take a simple modification, involving 29 regulations. To make an earlier time, object and regulations of the adjustment and setting the situation has undergone major changes, obviously does not meet the current needs of reform and development, the actual project is no longer applicable regulations covering the absorption, the law or its contents have all been introduced after the city or local regulations, take the way to abolish, 10 regulations. For the obvious lack of adaptation, the need for in-depth research in order to make a comprehensive revision or waste of new legislation, into the annual legislative plan or legislative plan, and gradually deal with, involving 23 regulations, etc.. For example, in the "Beijing consumer goods, production materials market management regulations" enacted in 1997, the legislative idea is to encourage all kinds of norms of market development, the main specification of the "market registration certificate" acquisition, market management and other activities. At present, all kinds of market close, migration is an important work, the city’s non capital function and ease the city in 2004, according to the provisions of the state to cancel the "market registration certificate" the implementation of the company management system on the market. The legislative ideas and main contents of the regulations have not been adapted to the reality of the economic and social development of the city. – "Beijing to promote the development of private individual economy regulations" encourage the establishment of labor-intensive private enterprises, can not meet with the current situation of the ease of non capital function, modified to encourage private enterprises and individual businesses engaged in community service". For Beijing to foreign private enterprises responsible person and their spouses and their children for permanent residence in the city’s content, "the provisions of this long-term operating in the city and has a greater contribution to the person in charge of the private enterprise, to operate a business partner or legal representatives and their spouses and minor children can do.相关的主题文章: