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Pulsar navigation: Chinese scientists want to reconstruct the space time benchmark needle size of this material quality is millions of tons of this is the magic of the pulsar star chart "Lighthouse" model. Photo by the China Academy of space technology. Xinhua news agency, Beijing, October (reporter Yu Fei, 9) in the mobile Internet era, people increasingly rely on navigation satellite navigation. GPS navigation household, Beidou navigation has become increasingly perfect, but you have heard of pulsar navigation? Yes, that’s a million light-years away! Although distant and unfamiliar, as long as the scientific use, they can give artificial earth satellites and spacecraft to provide navigation, or even open the journey of human interstellar oh. Now, Chinese researchers are trying to make the "Rhapsody" into reality. October 8th coincides with the 60 anniversary of the establishment of China’s aerospace industry. The reporter learned from China Research Institute of space technology, Chinese in November to launch the first pulsar navigation satellite test (XPNAV – 1), the measurement of the pulse signal of X ray emission star, trying to verify the feasibility of pulsar navigation system. According to the China Research Institute of space technology pulse navigation satellite science mission system designer star handsome flat researcher, the lifetime of stars also like people, experience from birth to birth, to grow and mature, and eventually die the whole process. In general, the remains of a star can be divided into three categories: white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes. The pulsar is a neutron star high speed rotation, with periodic extremely stable, the stability of the hydrogen maser is the most stable even higher than the current more than 10 thousand times, known as the most stable nature of the astronomical clock, to become a beacon of human navigation in the universe." Shuai Ping said. The signal of the pulsar magnetic pole radiation. Photo by the China Academy of space technology. The world’s most accurate astronomical clock pulsar typical radius of only 10 km, but its quality is between 1.44 times to 3.2 times the mass of the sun, is the largest density of objects except the black hole. The pulsar mass per cubic centimeter to 1 tons, with 1000 ships a million ton ship can drag. There is an angle between the axis of rotation and the axis of the pulsar. Each of the two poles has a radiation beam. The probe can receive a pulse signal when the star rotates and the pole beam sweeps over a probe mounted on the ground or spacecraft. The pulsar has good cycle stability, and its stability is 10 negative for the 19 time. What is the concept of negative 19 Party of 10? Is the difference between the two pulse signal points of the cycle, only after the decimal point will change after nineteenth." Shuai Ping explained that the current international time base is the atomic time system, the best stability of the hydrogen atomic clock can only reach 10 of the negative level of the second half, the stability of the pulsar clock is also less than 4 orders of magnitude of the order of 15. "It’s like the time ruler scale original encryption to 1 / 10000 scale, more detailed, we have energy to be more precise, more detailed." Shuai Ping said. But what is the relationship between navigation and precision? In fact, whether it is the first to appear in the field of navigation, or navigation era of astronomical navigation, or modern"相关的主题文章: