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Outdoors The magic of sand dunes, historic heritage, legendary sagas and colorful festivities never fails to enchant all on Rajasthan tours. The cultural fiesta, graceful desert safaris, wildlife escapades and relics of historic lineage clubbed together makes Rajasthan a tourist destination nonpareil. The land with a long history of bravery, patriotism and valor Rajasthan is an erstwhile princely state ruled by several great emperors of Rajputana kingdom. The chivalry and gallantry of the warrior clan of Rajput is beautifully reflected in the architecture of the grand homes of aristocrats. Other than the architectural marvel the regions cultural vivacity and homely ambiance attracts plethora of travelers compelling them to head for tours to Rajasthan again and again. Experience the royal splendor and cultural effervescence on your Rajasthan tours by indulging in following activities: Camel Safari at Sam Sand Dunes: Tours to Rajasthan are not complete without a camel safari at Thar Desert. Jaisalmer in Rajasthan is situated right in the heart of the state and is the best place to experience life of vagabonds by embarking on a camel ride. The safari commences at Sam Sand Dunes and lets one penetrate deep into the desert while exploring various local villages and other rural sectors. However the journey reaches its zenith when it reaches its final stoppage in the evening where camps are set and lamps are lit to create the perfect ambiance of Arabian nights complimented by stunning performances by folk art musicians and dancers. Finally a gala Rajasthani dinner by the backdrop of setting sun ends the evening on a delightful note. Expedition to Palaces & Forts: The architectural fiesta of Rajasthan is best experienced via a detailed tour of the major forts and palaces spread across the province. Best of Islamic, Rajputana and Mughal elements of architecture can be identified at splendid palaces, forts and other aristocratic edifices of Rajasthan. These royal edifices are stunning with flawless designs, grand constructions and eye-for detailing. Elaborate with splendid galleries, exquisitely decked ceilings, elegant antique furnishings and ornamental gardens these royal residences are most appealing to the art and architecture lovers. Many such edifices now converted into heritage hotels wherein one can experience excesses of royal lifestyle and live luxuriously. Shopping Spree at Local Bazaars: Travelling through the princely province you will find amplitude of options to collect beautiful souvenirs from the land and the local bazaars are where you can even bargain for various articles. The glittering bazaars sell all kinds of handcrafted articles of the region ranging from beautiful fabrics to exquisite jewelry, carpets and much more. All these elements included in right proportions together create the most sumptuous Rajasthan tours itinerary. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: