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Home-Improvement Small + Modern + Urban=Home provides many unique examples of how to make the most of a tight space. It showcases exceptional modern apartments, lofts, duplexes, and studio flats from the world’s biggest and busiest cities such as New York City, London, Taiwan, Madrid, Copenhagen, Shanghai, and Rome. Small + Modern + Urban=Home encourages readers to maximize their living space through making the most of already existing elements, such as natural lighting or high ceilings, and by making seemingly small changes such as adding lighting or painting an accent wall, that can make a world of difference. Some simple tips that help give the illusion of more space are to add mirrors and to use glass dividers wherever possible. Also, try to keep the design as minimalistic as possible because a cluttered, crowded room looks smaller. To achieve this modern, minimalistic look, hide electrical appliances in cupboards. Be sure to maximize your storage space so everything has its own place, which also makes cleaning a lot easier. More drastic changes such as remodeling a staircase or new flooring will require the services of a contractor but can also be achieved very easily. In many of these projects, walls were constructed or demolished to make the most of the space. With a little help, you can .pletely redesign the look of your space. The key to making your small space work for you is creativity. In the Interlocking Puzzle Loft designed by Kyu Sung Woo Architects in New York City, the structure that supports the top floor of the Loft doubles as a closet. In the Penthouse in Andora designed by Elisabeth Faura and Gerard Veciana in Andorra la vella, Andorra a small wall was built in the master bedroom to separate the dressing room from the bed area. The essence of the beauty of the spaces displayed in Small + Modern + Urban=Home is expressed through their modern, minimalistic design. To recreate these looks in your own space, consider making some of the changes offered in this book. Start with something small such as painting, and build your way up to bigger remodeling projects. Small + Modern +Urban = Home. New York: Collins Design, 2008. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: