Recommendation to found the queen Championship night fear ambush – Sohu

Recommendation: to found the queen Championship night fear ambush – Sohu game time: 2016 10.29          Saturday   02:45: 0.94    asian handicap Queens Park Rangers         0        Brent Fuld     0.88 European index: 2.52      3.20      2.45 match Preview: Saturday morning League fifteenth round first staged a game since QPR relegated to the championship after the team, not many bright spots, the last few seasons in the league they are leveling. The last round of league team at the 0 to 1 loss of tin on Wednesday, the last 5 unbeaten League ended. A data share with everyone, the queen of the season winning away rather than the home court well, their 7 league games home court record is 2 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses, winning less than 30%. In this game the team moved to the middle part of the face of Brent’s home court, home court winning the queen wanted to enhance, to win 3 points and goals. Brent, currently in the middle position, the team is not strong desire to win. The last 4 league team 2 flat 2 negative performance downturn, but at this season they won a victory, I am afraid this war team to retreats. This is a game of handicap chase in the League here should be a difficult to predict the game, but from the beginning of exponential parameter analysis, the queen only let 0.25 home court shallow dish, how the water level is as high as 1.42, discount is a bit unusual. The market outlook back plate 0 index, the queen has not been found support. In fact, the queen of the season home court winning this game is low, since the data show, may be concerned about the guest army Brent Fuld win. Half the recommendation: Pingfu, outcome, negative score recommended: 0:2, 1:2 Beijing single field did not let the ball, SMG recommended: 0 let the ball Shengping Fu QPR (-1) recommended: 0 ball, SMG football did not get the ball, recommended: 0相关的主题文章: