Red Net officials should be the premise to the director general-bree daniels

"Red net official" to general premise [Abstract] recently, the Hubei Badong county Party Secretary Chen Hangjia wrote in an article in WeChat, in the poverty reduction process, some poor households do not know Thanksgiving, but there was a vexatious mentality: "I am afraid I am poor" "I am small people I’m afraid" I "who pinched you play". Recently, Hubei Badong county Party Secretary Chen Hangjia wrote in an article in WeChat, in the poverty reduction process, some poor households do not know Thanksgiving, but there was a vexatious mentality: "I am who I am" poor "I am small people who I am" I pinch with you ". This remark immediately became the focus of public opinion. Sure enough. At least in the current political context of poverty alleviation in turn, say poor households are not, in many people it seems somewhat incorrect". However, this kind of alternative speech is not unreasonable enough. In precision poverty alleviation, "poor households" are not always assumed to be so vulnerable, and indeed there is a "precise request" in turn. Chen Secretary of this "out" problem does have a sense from reality, but this should not say, what time to say, is another matter. The official way of traditional, may feel that this harmless little problems, not on the table and said, "this seems prudent looking straight from the heart". Some think that this is the expression of telling the truth, frankness and self, but there are also some queries. Is it a show or pursuit of fame? Different angles, different views, but pointed to a common problem: officials can not allow personality? For this problem, different officials had different performance to answer, some people love muffled Qiuwen, people pursue high-profile voice, beg to save the off-site activities in the public eye, in turn, is accustomed to social recognition. There is no doubt that in the contemporary society, individual officials are hardly new. This kind of alternative officials, personality officials, now also used to be called "net red officials."". This is because in the Internet age, any maverick words and deeds are likely to be magnified, personality is easy to become "net red"". But it is necessary to distinguish between some officials who are passively placed in the spotlight, and some officials actually intend to pursue the communication effect. The first part of "Red Net" there is no fish for fame too, and most of the "red net official" is the active use of the propagation of officials, such as "the town cadres at their own expense for the home photo shoot endorsement" live fish, county secretary made selling ", can be regarded as" individuality "and" combination to appear "the Secretary Chen Hubei, Padang, also once sang live on the Internet, skydiving, early fame. If officials have personality and dare to express themselves in the media, it is easy to attract public attention. Do some, may be rewarded as "officialdom new weather, of course also will be challenged as" curry favour by claptrap". But in fact, we understand that the evaluation of an official can not do, the key is to see the spirit of the secretary". If the "Red Net" is home to speak, and let the people reap real benefits, people naturally think of "Red Net" is also a director; if officials more red, people have had more and more poor, it is only for personal fame)

“网红官员”也要以干事为前提 [摘要] 近日,湖北巴东县委书记陈行甲在一篇微信文章里写到,在扶贫过程中,有些贫困户不懂感恩,反而出现了无理取闹的心态:“我是穷人我怕谁”“我是小老百姓我怕谁”“我掐着你玩”。  近日,湖北巴东县委书记陈行甲在一篇微信文章里写到,在扶贫过程中,有些贫困户不懂感恩,反而出现了无理取闹的心态:“我是穷人我怕谁”“我是小老百姓我怕谁”“我掐着你玩”。此言一出,立即成为舆论关注的焦点。  果然够另类。至少在当前脱贫攻坚的政治语境里,掉头置喙贫困户的不是,在很多人看来多少有些“不正确”。但这番另类言论,也并非是无理可据——精准扶贫中,“贫困户”并非总是假想的那么弱势,也的确存在反过来“精准索要”的情况。陈书记这番“不吐不快”,确实有感而发自现实中的难题,但是该不该说、什么时候说,又是另外一个问题了。  传统的为官之道,可能会觉得这类小问题无伤大雅,不需要在台面上说,这样“直抒胸臆”看着似乎有失稳重。有些看法认为,这是敢说真话、率真自我的体现,但也有些言论质疑,这是不是刻意作秀、追求名声?角度不同,观点也不同,但却指向一个共同问题:官员容不容得有个性?对于这个问题,不同官员早已用不同表现来作答,有人喜欢闷声求稳,有人追求高调发声,求同存异地活动在大众视线里,又反过来被社会习以为常地认可。毫无疑问的是,在当代社会,个性官员已经算不得新鲜事。  这种另类官员、个性官员,在如今也习惯被称为“网红官员”。这是因为在互联网时代,任何特立独行的言行都有可能被放大,个性一点就容易成为“网红”。但需要区分,有些官员是被动放在聚光灯下,有些官员实为有意追求传播效应。前一部分“网红”不存在沽名钓誉之嫌,而大部分“网红官员”其实是主动运用传播规律的官员,如“镇干部自费拍写真为家乡代言”“直播书记做鱼、县长卖瓜”等,都可以视作“彰显个性”加“敢于出镜”的组合,湖北巴东的这位陈书记,也曾经直播献唱、高空跳伞,在互联网上早就名声大噪了。  官员如果有个性,又敢于用媒体表达,是很容易引起舆论注意力的。这样做有得有失,有可能被激赏为“官场新气象”,也当然会被质疑为“哗众取宠”。但其实大家明白,评价一个官员行不行,关键是看“干事精神”。如果“网红”是给家乡代言,且让百姓收获了实在的好处,人们自然认为“网红”也是一种干事;如果官员越来越红,百姓却过得越来越差,那就是只为自己谋虚名的“网红”。因此,确实不好给“网红”下定论,也难以评估“讲真话”是好是坏,但和老百姓的切身感受相比,这些并不是最重要的。  官员敢不敢主动追求“网红效应”,实为一种为官的路径选择。其次,官员敢不敢说真话、真表达,也不过是自我性格和社会认知下的综合考量。在这里,官员选择哪种路数并不重要,但是否选择“干事”为前提,才关系着百姓对自身品德和政绩的评价。如今社会开放而多元,就连为官之道都已经有了多项选择,但为政之德却永远只是单选项,那就是为人民服务、为百姓谋福祉。要成为时代的好干部,就要牢记这个前提,不要本末倒置、舍本逐末。在此基础上,是不是可以做“网红”,就不必一定要争出答案了。(王庆峰)(南方日报)相关的主题文章: