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Heat unabated! The water masses of new single sales in O at third "LoveLive! Sunshine!!! "Is a cross media idol project jointly created by sunrise animation, Lantis and" electric shock G’s magazine "LoveLive! New projects announced by the Academy idol project in 2015 and animated by TV in July 2016. Water recently new single "missing (want to live better and be made one by feeling in two terms) / MIRAI TICKET" made Oricon single week sales chart third. Although the "LoveLive"! Sunshine!! "TV animation has finished playing, but the woman who still maintain a certain water and no heat, and disappeared with the end of the animation. The water masses recently introduced a new single "missing" TICKET / MIRAI be made one, this single contains eleventh words and thirteenth words animated episode. The first week of sales of "yearning for one / MIRAI TICKET" is about 37 thousand, with third in the Oricon single week list. Taking into account the top two list of the group and migrant workers metamorphosis sales, only AKB can be a battle, the results can be said to be relatively good. "LoveLive"! Sunshine!! "tells the story of nine girls high Haiqian song led, with campus idol Aqours identity, to light as the goal ahead of the story. Private Pu Xing women’s college is located in the coastal town of Numazu, Shizuoka prefecture. In this is located in Suruga Bay corner of the small high school, nine girls in the second grade students of high Haiqian song as the center of the heart, with a big dream and stand out. That’s to be a sparkling campus icon"! As long as you don’t give up, your dream will come true. Now, with that light as the goal, march forward courageously! Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime works

热度不减!水团新单曲销量位于O榜第三《LoveLive!Sunshine!!》是日升动画、Lantis和《电击G’s magazine》共同打造的跨媒体偶像企划“ LoveLive!学园偶像计划”在2015年公布的新企划,并于2016年7月TV动画化。水团最近新发的单曲《思念合而为一(想いよひとつになれ)/MIRAI TICKET》取得了Oricon 单曲周榜销量第三名。虽然《LoveLive!Sunshine!!》电视动画作品已经播放完毕了,不过水团妹子们依旧保持着一定的热度,并没有随着动画的完结而销声匿迹。最近水团推出了新单曲《思念合而为一/MIRAI TICKET》,这张单曲收录了动画第11话和第13话的插曲。《思念合而为一/MIRAI TICKET》的首周销量约为3万7000张,位于Oricon单曲周榜销量第三名。考虑到榜单前两名的乃团和民工团的变态销量也只有AKB可以一战,这个成绩可以说是比较不错了。《LoveLive!Sunshine!!》讲述了高海千歌为首的九位少女,凭借着校园偶像Aqours的身份,以光芒为目标勇往直前的故事。私立浦之星女子学院位于静冈县沼津市的海边小镇内浦。在这所坐落在骏河湾角落里的小小的高中里,以二年级学生高海千歌为中心的九位少女,心中怀着大大的梦想而站了出来。那就是成为闪闪发光的“校园偶像”!只要不放弃,梦想就一定能实现。现在就以那片光芒为目标,勇往直前!点击下载腾讯动漫APP,看更多人气动漫作品相关的主题文章: