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Rocket soldiers Huguo treasure mountain dwelling frequency in recent years Hayward new network – in the mountain Dwelling — a treasure snow rocket in a missile brigade technology a battalion of the front pipe even near the Spring Festival, the mountains to put on a thick layer of white. Under the train, the reporter drove more than 5 hours, came to the mountains half waist, came here stationed in the rocket Army missile brigade technology one battalion array tube company. The army of strategic missile forces is known as the guardian of the national treasure". Lieutenant commander Zhang Dong has spent 6 years in this company. "We shoulder the responsibility of guarding missiles and protecting missiles. The mission is special and the mission is glorious. We must make sure that it is absolutely safe and can not tolerate the slightest mistake." Zhang Dong said, generations of soldiers for the cause of the missile, no regrets to their youth were dedicated to the mountains, to ensure the absolute safety of national treasures. This company is located from the camp and dense forests in the deep mountains, travel agencies have more than 100 kilometers. Officers and soldiers except in the position of the task, can only dwell in the narrow camp on the hillside. Although a variety of hardware conditions continue to improve, but because of the special geographical environment, the soldiers are still facing problems such as arthritis and other dangerous serpent beast attacks. Last year, the station suffered severe floods, and many places were cut off. In order to ensure that the missile position is not destroyed, all officers and men, regardless of personal safety, no soldiers retreat. Because it is located in the remote mountains, there is little opportunity to go out, some soldiers rarely enter the city after the recruits, even some travel agencies have never been there. Last year veteran ex battalion instructor Luo Yong specially came to the company, Wan Zhenyu, Liang Futao and other veterans receiving brigade, brigade and brigade team visited the museum construction exhibition, round a wish of everyone. Although with the missile every day, but compared with the launch unit officers and men, the array of officers and men and the opportunity to meet the missile is very few. Lance Corporal Hu Yanfei after graduating from college, although when the missile carries the dream of the army, but also cherish the opportunity to stay together morning and night and missiles, to become an outstanding array of tubes of soldiers. Although the missile can not be seen, but every time from the video to see their guardian missile flying into the blue sky, they are proud of themselves." Hu Yanfei said. Every year, the first thing the company recruits to do is to report to the national treasure. Grandpa had participated in the Korean War soldier Luo Hong Kong, has now become a missile position of ventilation and air conditioning for the national treasure store trumpeter, time to provide the best environment. He said: "standing in front of the missile to review the oath of the army, let me deeply feel the sacred mission of the shoulder."." At 1 noon, Zhao Dong, the company commander, led the police squad to march towards the vast mountain with snow, and carried out routine patrol tasks. Officers and soldiers of each inspection of the more than 30 km mountain road, smooth, at least have to go on for half a day. Go mountain, is actually a long road warriors trod. After the rain and snow, all the way wet, not far away, there have been many landslides, many covered by snow covered small trees in front. "The more severe the weather is, the more vigilant it is." In the cadres Wu Jun company toured Bangdai, in recent years)

火箭军官兵蜗居深山护国宝 近年频现误入禁区情况-中新网   蜗居深山护国宝――记火箭军某导弹旅技术一营阵管连   临近春节的一场大雪,为大山穿上了一层厚厚的白衣。   下了火车,记者驱车5个多小时,来到深山半腰,来到驻守在这里的火箭军某导弹旅技术一营阵管连。   战略导弹部队的阵管兵,被誉为“国宝守护神”。中尉连长张冬已在这个连队度过了6年光阴。   “我们担负守卫导弹、呵护导弹的重任,任务特殊、使命光荣,必须确保万无一失,容不得半点差错。”张冬说,一代代阵管兵为了导弹事业,无怨无悔地将自己的青春年华都献给了大山,确保了国宝的绝对安全。   这个连队地处深山密林之中,离营部和旅机关有100多公里。官兵们每天除了在阵地执行任务,只能蜗居在山坡上狭长的营区里。虽然现在各种硬件条件不断改善,但由于特殊的地理环境,官兵们仍然面临关节风湿病等困扰和毒蛇野兽袭击等危险。   去年,驻地遭受特大洪涝灾害,许多地方断水断电。为了确保导弹阵地不受破坏,全连官兵不顾个人安危,没有一名官兵退缩。   由于地处偏僻深山,外出机会少,有的战士从新兵下连后就很少进城,有的连旅机关都没有去过。去年老兵退伍前,营教导员罗勇特地来到连里,将万振宇、梁富涛等退伍老兵接到旅里,参观了旅史馆和旅队建设成就展,圆了大家的一个心愿。   虽然每天与导弹相伴,但是和发射分队的官兵们相比,阵管连官兵与导弹见面的机会却很少。上等兵胡艳飞大专毕业后,虽怀揣当导弹发射号手的梦想参军入伍,但也同样珍惜与导弹朝夕相处的机会,立志成为一名优秀的阵管兵。   “虽然见不到导弹,但每当从视频中看到自己守护的导弹飞向蓝天,自己都倍感自豪。”胡艳飞说。   每年新兵下连,到连队做的第一件事就是向国宝报到。爷爷曾经参加过抗美援朝的列兵罗港,现在已成为一名导弹阵地通风空调号手,时刻为国宝储存提供最好的环境。他说:“站在导弹面前重温入伍誓词,让我更加深切地感受到自己肩负的神圣使命。”   中午1时,连长赵东带领警勤小队踏着积雪向茫茫大山进发,执行例行的阵地巡查任务。官兵们每次巡查的30多公里山路,顺利的话至少得走上大半天。走的说是山路,其实就是战士们长期踩出的一条野路。雨雪过后,一路湿滑,没走多远就遇到了多起滑坡,许多被积雪压倒的小树横亘在前面。   “越是这样的恶劣天气,越是要保持高度警惕。”在连队蹲点帮带的机关干部吴俊介绍,近几年来,频繁出现滑翔爱好者、驴友等误入禁区的情况。   二级军士长徐德煌已入伍21年,被大家誉为“兵王”。这位精通阵地管理所有专业的老兵,是连队的“定盘星”,先后解决了阵地管理中出现的大小问题上千个。在他宿舍的柜子里,摆满了各种电气化、机器原理等方面的书籍。   “现在导弹阵地信息化程度越来越高,要是不抓紧充充电,就会跟不上。”他说。   寒冷寂静的雪夜,通往阵地的山道上,巡查的脚步声格外响亮,监控机房里的值班官兵,目光紧盯着屏幕,学习室里的灯光一直亮到深夜……在这看似平淡无奇的岗位上,默默无闻的官兵们创造出了骄人的成绩,连队多次被评为“红旗阵地”“基层建设先进连队”,还荣立集体三等功。   “蜗居深山官兵无怨无悔,守护国宝人人殚精竭虑。”官兵们自己创作的新春对联,生动诠释了他们的心声。(新华社记者张选杰、李兵峰)相关的主题文章: