Sa Beining newly married sweet Ma Dong jealous, forced divorce

Sa Beining was jealous of Ma Dong wedding forced divorce Tencent entertainment news by the media and video mewe Tencent jointly produced by "temptation" dinner tonight will usher in the Sa Beining and Nigel Maiti Zhang Dada joined the strong off, more friendship. Now, Sa Beining, who is in love and has a bumper harvest, says, "no divorce, just to give the public an account.""! Nigel Maiti is to become Sa Beining’s "little wife", the Ma Dongzhen brothers became husband and wife, let two people "completely destroyed."! In the face of two "old friends", Ma Dong began to let not let two people better, but the "dinner" to host five gathered in a table, who are used to control the market, leading to a few people could hardly say a complete sentence was interrupted by the other party, such as Ma Dong also faces strong presided over the force predicament. Not knowing whether to revenge or not, Ma Dong grabbed the opportunity to dig Sa Beining and asked him to describe his marital status in a lie. Sa Beining only began to suffer from a lie rules Tucao marriage "doesn’t mean", now the state is to maintain a marriage, divorce is not just bad for the public "". A few pounds lie down, then succeed Ma Dong opened flowers beside the music, other people have also lamented Sa Beining too hard, the dinner is too dangerous! Half a year ago, SA and wife Li Bai licensing, 2 people are skiing is very sweet to see her. Li Bai said in an interview that he was satisfied with his partner and work, and did not leave the reason, it seems that the marriage of two people is very happy. Sa Beining himself has also very influential, in all kinds of reality show wit comedy is circle of a large number of young fans, dubbed the "B one of 4 big MC. In the "dinner", but Ma Dong of the young people and old friends, not only in the table run, also forced small and speak ill wife, digging mood is so obvious, it is not because of jealousy of their wedding? In addition to the "divorce", Sa Beining also "brother" at the scene, Nigel Maiti also admit marriage rather boring, when Sa Beining’s "little daughter-in-law", the truth how? Please pay attention to every Sunday at eight pm in the on-line video Tencent "temptation" dinner!

撒贝宁新婚甜蜜遭马东妒忌 被逼迫“离婚” 腾讯娱乐讯 由米未传媒和腾讯视频联合出品的苏宁易购《饭局的诱惑》今晚将迎来撒贝宁和尼格买提强势踢馆,更有张大大友情加盟。如今事业爱情双丰收的撒贝宁竟然说“不离婚只是为了给公众交代”!尼格买提更是委身成了撒贝宁的“小媳妇”,兄弟变夫妻,马东真的让两人“有来无回”了!面对两位“老朋友”,马东开场就放话不让两人好过,只是这个《饭局》把五位主持人聚在一桌,谁都习惯性地想要控场,导致几人几乎说不出完整的一句话就被对方打断,强大如马东也面临着主持力崩溃的窘境。不知道是不是为了“报复”,马东抓住机会就挖坑撒贝宁,要求他用谎言描述自己的婚姻状况。苦于谎言规则的撒贝宁只能开始“吐槽”结婚“根本没意思”,现在的状态就是为了“维持婚姻”,之所以不离婚只是觉得“对公众不好交代”。几句重磅谎言下来,整蛊得逞的马东在旁边乐开了花,其他人也纷纷感叹撒贝宁太拼,这个饭局太凶险!半年前,撒贝宁与娇妻李白领证,二人又是滑雪又是见公婆,分外甜蜜。李白曾在采访中表示自己对伴侣和工作都很满意,没有离开的理由,看来二人婚姻很美满。撒贝宁本人事业也如日中天,在各类真人秀中的机智搞笑更是圈了一大批年轻粉丝,被封为“B站四大MC”之一。此次在《饭局》,马东对这位年轻有为的老朋友却毫不手软,不但在饭桌上各种挤兑,还逼小撒讲娇妻的坏话,挖坑情绪这么明显,真的不是因为嫉妒人家新婚甜蜜吗?除了“被离婚”,撒贝宁在现场还“被一哥”,尼格买提也自曝结婚无趣,宁可当撒贝宁的“小媳妇儿”,现场真相究竟如何?敬请关注每周日晚八点在腾讯视频上线的《饭局的诱惑》!相关的主题文章: