Samsung after the explosion and the accident Note2 in India on fire plustek

Samsung after the explosion and the accident occurred on the Note2 flight in India (original title: after the explosion accident! Samsung Note2 in India on a flight to the fire) said recently by public opinion in the teeth of the storm pushed to the mobile phone manufacturers, the non Samsung must go. Samsung Note 7 explosion of the storm is not over, the new trouble again. According to foreign media reports, India Chennai fly in Singapore (the country’s fourth largest city) on the flight, a passenger Note 2 on fire! Bloomberg news the evening of September 23rd, an official of the India civil aviation regulatory agencies of the Civil Aviation Administration of India told reporters in New Delhi, in a flight to the southern India city of Chennai, India on the flight, passengers found stored in the overhead compartment of a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smoke fog. Data report for the first time the passenger airline stewardess, and open the luggage compartment after the airline stewardess, found arch-criminal is a Samsung Note 2, when the machine is sparking smoke. Fortunately, due to the discovery of Samsung mobile phone fire smoke, the plane is landing, the last flight is still safe landing Chennai airport, passengers are also in accordance with the normal procedure of the machine. After Samsung announced the recall of Note 7, the aircraft in the world are on the blacklist, not only the airline with the bus company completely blocked it, a university is also busy, disable the Note in the school 7. Therefore, India Civil Aviation Administration spokesman said that the Civil Aviation Administration has suggested that passengers must pay attention to bring the plane’s Samsung device, when the aircraft should be taken off the Samsung device or do not take the Samsung device to fly together. The day before the passengers also ordered that South Korea’s Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone on the machine, you must shut down during the flight. After the incident, the Civil Aviation Administration of India once again released for flight, prohibit the use of open or charging Samsung Note series telephone notification, and decided on September 26th (next Monday local time) called the Samsung official meeting, according to Samsung mobile phone fire problem investigation. It is reported that the accident model Samsung Note2 mobile phone was released in 2012, the occurrence of the fire on the phone battery is still not sure the original factory. So far, Samsung has not yet made a public response to the matter, the cause of the fire is also under investigation. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: