Samsung’s winter in China or near the end, the next few months is expected to pick up – Sohu

Samsung: winter or nearing the end of the next few months is expected to pick up technology Sohu – Sohu technology king Xue Ying in February 24th, according to the news media in China, Samsung mobile business person in charge of the high Dongzhen in his first media interview that Samsung in the China market nearly the end of winter. In the past, the Korean company, which once dominated the smartphone market in China, is now losing its market share to sixth in the siege of apple, HUAWEI and millet rivals. According to market research firm Counterpoint Technology Market Research, Samsung’s market share in the smart mobile phone Chinese from 20% in 2013 fell to 7.7% last year. For this fall, the high Dongzhen bluntly "regrettable", but also "must accept that we lost it all". In this regard, the high Dongzhen that, despite fierce competition, but China’s mobile phone business has been basically stable, and is expected to rebound in a few months or six months. ". To this end, Samsung from 2015 onwards for China launched a variety of mid end smart phones, both using low pricing, high allocation way, that is, hoping to directly against the opponent "hard resistance."". He said that the Chinese market is particularly important for Samsung, in the past two years, China has visited China about 60 times, not only in order to quickly correct the previous strategic mistakes through market evaluation, but also to focus more on Samsung and China operators, distributors relations. In addition, Takato Shinya expressed the hope that the future can promote the development of Samsung in this emerging field of VR, especially in the VR ecology and service areas, rather than limited to the development of traditional hardware. He pointed out that in the Chinese market, Samsung is still display and processor to identity VR production equipment hardware vendors required, but Chinese local manufacturers in the future 1~2 is likely to catch up from behind. The high Dongzhen seems to want to ensure the long-term stability of the market, Samsung must find the best user experience we can, and as a basis to find the necessary improvement and innovation". Recently for apple and FBI in intelligent mobile phone data privacy dispute, high Dongzhen privacy is a priority among priorities, but he refused to comment on the apple and the U.S. Department of justice and dispute, saying that is not clear about the details and inconvenience involved. In this regard, Samsung spokesman said that as long as the law enforcement agencies put forward legitimate requirements, Samsung will cooperate with it, but any legitimate mandatory "back door" will undermine consumer trust.

三星:在华寒冬或已近尾声 未来数月内有望回暖-搜狐科技      搜狐科技 文 王雪莹   2月24日据外媒消息,三星移动业务负责人高东真在上任后的首次媒体采访中表示,三星在中国市场的寒冬已近结束。   过去,这家曾经主导了中国智能手机市场的韩国企业,如今在苹果、华为以及小米等竞争对手的“围攻”下,其市场占比已骤降至第6位。根据市调机构Counterpoint Technology Market Research的数据,三星在中国智能手机市场份额已经从2013年的20%滑落至去年的7.7%。对于这种“失守”,高东真直言“感到遗憾”,但也“必须接受我们失去的这一切”。   对此,高东真认为,尽管竞争激烈,但对华手机业务已基本实现了稳定,且有望“在数月或六个月”出现反弹。为此,三星从2015年起陆续面向中国推出了多款中端智能手机,均采用低定价、高配置的方式,就是希望能直接与对手“硬抗”。他表示,中国市场对三星尤为重要,在过去两年中自己曾访问中国约60次,不仅是为了能尽快通过市场评估纠正此前的策略错误,也是为了更专注于三星与中国运营商、分销商的关系。   此外,高东真也表示,希望未来能推动三星在VR这一新兴领域的发展,尤其是对VR生态以及服务领域,而不是仅局限于传统硬件发展。 他指出,在中国市场,三星目前仍是以硬件厂商的身份生产VR设备所需的显示屏和处理器,但中国本土厂商很可能会在未来1~2后来居上。因而在高东真看来,想要确保市场的长期稳定,三星必须找到“我们力所能及的最佳用户体验,并以此为基础找到必要的改进和创新方式”。   对于近日苹果与FBI在智能手机数据隐私之争,高东真认为隐私是重中之重,但他却拒绝对苹果和美国司法部之间的争议进行评论,并称并不清楚事情的细节因而不便介入。对此,三星发言人则表示,只要执法机构提出合法要求,三星都会与之配合,但任何合法的强制性“后门”都会破坏消费者的信任。相关的主题文章: