Severe weather delays the influx of refugees into the European Union sichen

The bad weather delayed the influx of refugees in the EU – China news agency new speed network in February 22 Brussels Xinhua (reporter Shen Chen) the EU Border Agency disclosed in February 22nd, due to the impact of bad weather in January this year, the EU via Greece to enter the number of refugees than last year fell by 40% in December. In January this year, a total of 68000 refugees entered the European Union through Greece, mainly from Syria, Iraq and afghanistan. 5600 refugees entered the European Union through Italy, the source of which was Nigeria. Although the data are down from last December, it is still 40 times as high as it was a year ago. More than 101000 refugees have arrived in the EU so far this year, most of them via Greece, according to data from the UN refugee agency. The EU must strengthen its cooperation with the government of Turkey in order to solve the dilemma of a large number of refugees from Greece entering the European union. In November 29th last year, the European Union and Turkey held a summit in Brussels to reach an agreement that was described as "changing money for refugees". The European Union has decided to provide 3 billion euros of aid to Turkey to help Turkey improve the living conditions of Syria refugees stranded in its territory, while Turkey will strengthen border control and prevent refugees from entering europe. The agreement between the European Union and Turkey has had problems in its implementation. To this day, 3 billion euros of aid is still in place. Turkey has also repeatedly released relentless, threatened Turkey ready to "open the floodgates, let millions of refugees in Syria territory in europe. The European Union planned to hold a summit meeting with Turkey at the first EU summit this year to continue to coordinate the settlement of the refugees problem. But Turkey general Lidawute Oulu capital Ankara exploded because of the terrorist attack canceled a trip to Brussels. European Council president Tusk said, the EU plans to convene a special summit in Turkey in early March, in order to solve the problem of protracted refugee. German Prime Minister Merkel said that the EU should translate literal measures into real actions as soon as possible. She said: "if the next summit has reached specific measures, it should be implemented immediately, without any delay." Merkel said that the EU and Turkey special summit is expected to be held in March 5th or March 7th. The head of the Interior Ministry of Turkey is expected to arrive in Brussels on Thursday to discuss with EU leaders to prepare for a special summit next month. (end)

恶劣天气延缓难民涌入欧盟速度-中新网   中新社布鲁塞尔2月22日电 (记者 沈晨)欧盟边境管理局2月22日披露,由于受到恶劣天气的影响,今年1月份途经希腊进入欧盟的难民数量较之去年12月下降了40%。   今年1月份,共有68000名难民通过希腊进入欧盟,来源主要集中在叙利亚、伊拉克和阿富汗等国。有5600名难民通过意大利进入欧盟,来源地主要是尼日利亚。   尽管以上数据较之去年12月有所下降,但依旧是一年前的40倍。联合国难民组织的数据显示,今年截止到目前已有超过101000名难民抵达欧盟,其中大部分途经希腊入境。   要想从根源上解决大批难民从希腊进入欧盟的困局,欧盟必须加强与土耳其政府的合作。去年11月29日,欧盟与土耳其在布鲁塞尔举行峰会,达成一项被形容为“金钱换难民”的协议。欧盟决定向土耳其提供30亿欧元的援助资金,帮助土耳其改善在其境内滞留的叙利亚难民的生活条件,土耳其则将加强边境管控,阻止难民大举进入欧洲。   欧盟与土耳其达成的协议在落实上出现了问题。直至今日,30亿欧元的援助资金仍未到位。土耳其方面也多次放出狠话,扬言土耳其准备“打开闸门”,让境内数以百万计的叙利亚难民进入欧洲。   欧盟原计划在本年度首次欧盟峰会之际“并行”召开与土耳其的峰会,继续协调解决难民问题。但土耳其总理达武特奥卢因为首都安卡拉发生爆炸恐袭临时取消了布鲁塞尔之行。   欧洲理事会主席图斯克透露,欧盟计划在三月初与土耳其召开一次特别峰会,以期解决久拖未决的难民问题。   德国总理默克尔表示,欧盟应该尽快把字面上的措施转化为实在的行动。她说:“下一次峰会如果达成了具体的措施,那就应该立即落实,不要有任何的拖延。”   默克尔透露,欧盟与土耳其的特别峰会有望在3月5日或者3月7日举行。土耳其内政部负责人预计将于本周四抵达布鲁塞尔,与欧盟相关负责人磋商,为下个月的特别峰会做准备。(完)相关的主题文章: