Shanxi cracked together with hundreds of thousands of red WeChat gambling suspects profit xpphone

Shanxi WeChat red cracked gambling case suspect hundreds of thousands – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Yangquan on August 29th news (reporter Yue Xuhui) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" reported recently, Shanxi Yangquan police cracked the "WeChat red" online gambling case, the 11 suspects were criminal detention. Recently, the Shanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau of Yangquan City Development Zone Branch according to the masses, through the investigation, to determine the 2 units in Yangquan City Development Zone, a residential building, there are people gambling to "WeChat and WeChat red transfer", then the implementation of the arrest of the gambling Gang, as arrested 7 suspects, seized gambling mobile phone 20. After investigation, since March this year, the suspect Wang Mougang, Wu, Zhao Mouwei, and Jin Mouming Jo Jo in the rental office using WeChat cheating software, Li Moujuan, Wu Mouwei, Zhao Mouyang and other organizations 8 people as the gambling trader, gambling with WeChat and WeChat red transfer way. According to the suspect Wang Mougang confessed that during the 120 thousand yuan of illegal profits, Zhao Mouwei suspects illegal profits 40 thousand yuan, the suspect Wu illegal profit of 100 thousand yuan, Jo suspects illegal profits 16 thousand yuan. At present, Shanxi Yangquan police arrested 13 suspects, 11 of whom have been under criminal detention according to law, 2 people were released on bail. Here, the police suggested that the sky will not fall, the network would not have gold, no matter which way the gambling gambling, no matter how the final results are the myriads of changes, only one, is losing money.相关的主题文章: