Shenyang this winter and still continue to green snow to prohibit the use of snow melting

Shenyang this winter and still continue to "green snow" to prohibit the use of snow melting agent Shenyang this winter and still take the "green snow" mode, the city’s only 10° with an uphill road, bridge approach, bend, the elevated bridge in the city can be easily frozen snow do a unified organization under suspended sections and an important transport node compaction, moderately spreading environmental protection snowmelt agent, other areas prohibited the use of snow melting agent. The day before, Shenyang 2016 annual work plan in addition to finalize the transport of snow. Program on the city (the city’s 7 districts) in addition to the snow Street Road, the 104 bridges, a total area of 70 million 870 thousand square meters of snow specific tasks are classified as a class, B class, C class, D class of the four categories. Only A, B two types of road can be appropriate to use snowmelt agent, prohibit the use of units and individuals in public areas of snowmelt agent. A street (including Shenbei New Area, Sujiatun District, Development Zone) for the city of 10° on an uphill road, Expressway Viaduct and 145° following curve, bridge, ramp, bridge and rail sections and key Street Road intersection, a total of 413, 9 million 890 thousand square meters, can use the snow melting agent; B street as the city expressway, a total of 27, 5 million 570 thousand square meters, for the first time the road, the first two winter snow and spring after the two snow can use snowmelt agent; C street for one or two main street, a total of 428, 37 million 10 thousand square meters, by the professional team to use mechanical snow removal; D street the main road to three or four street, a total of 3274, 33 million 70 thousand square meters, the Department of community street snow removal. Plan and the provisions of the time limit standard for snow, snow, snow conditions, respectively in the snow stopped after 12 hours, 24 hours in addition to the net; snow, Blizzard, respectively in 24 hours, 36 hours will be motorized snow snowstorm in addition to the net; according to the actual situation, in accordance with the snow, the snow command headquarters in addition to the net and shipped on time limit; all kinds of pipeline leakage form road icing, clean removal is completed within 72 hours of pipeline leakage after recovery, does not affect the normal running of the vehicle.相关的主题文章: