Sichuan in September 29% more precipitation in autumn rain will continue until 24 (video) norton disk doctor

Sichuan in September 29% more precipitation in autumn rain will continue until 24 May I miss Tong public concern: just a sunny day, I was ready to put the autumn hanging out to dry, which know and rain. For a long time will have a sunny day? 22 to 22:21, the autumnal equinox. The meaning of "dividing" into "half". In accordance with the division of ancient times in China, this day, just over half of the autumn. However, according to the division of meteorology on the south, generally from the solar term began to really fall. Under the help of continuous rain, across the summer and autumn and winter in the three quarter of Sichuan, will be in the near future and say goodbye to the summer. Continuous rain this week will be "occupied" after saying "the weather Baiyun", but 22 days over Chengdu was "occupied" with the clouds. 22, about 7 in the morning, Asora Akiro, head of the sun quietly, the thought and the day before, will be a sunny day, but not for a while, the clouds to upstage the. At noon, continuous rain falling down. After the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, it’s the "post holiday syndrome" has not responded, Gesanchawu that face, not a word on the rain, but also endless. It was sunny day, September 21st, the day of the equinox, the rain came to steal the spotlight, but this is just a beginning. Today, in addition to Guangyuan (micro-blog), Bazhong (micro-blog), Dazhou (micro-blog), Nanchong (micro-blog) cloudy cloudy, the rest of the basin are cloudy with light rain. However, from the beginning of this evening, the rain will expand the "sphere of influence", Bazhong, Dazhou, Nanchong has its claws". Small partners in the basin, please do a good weekend with rain. The autumnal equinox, summer days and nights are cold and flat, quickly retreat, southern autumn is coming. Rain to urge the field, the delay in the summer of the eastern Sichuan region, should soon be up to the big forces, into the ranks of the fall. Since September more precipitation in Sichuan 29% "Sichuan has always been an invigorating autumn climate" label, correct way to open in Sichuan in autumn, is rainy. In fact, not only in Sichuan, including Chongqing, Guizhou, Yunnan, Eastern and southern Gansu, Guanzhong and southern Shaanxi, Western Hunan, the west of Hubei, in the autumn rain, the famous "touching", that has a special name — "Huaxi autumn rain". Meteorological experts, the beginning of September, has been entrenched in Sichuan over the subtropical Eastern retreat, on the west side of the southwest airflow pressure of warm air on the south sea brought to ensure adequate moisture conditions, at the same time, and the cold air was constantly to the province, the hot cold formed a meet. "Huaxi autumn rain". Continuous drizzle, just a few days. Especially in the south of the basin, the average annual autumn 7-9 consecutive 3 days or more than 3 days of overcast and rainy days, it can be described as "no clear days of three days". This year’s "Huaxi autumn rain" in September 4th is coming, and fast. According to the Sichuan provincial Climate Center statistics, from September 1st to 20, the province’s average number of days of precipitation for 13.5 days, more than the same period last year, more than 1.8 days, the province’s average rainfall of 120.9 mm, more than 29%. West China Metropolis Daily reporter Wu Bingqing editor note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand the reading相关的主题文章: