Sichuan provincial office building was built in 80s and 90s 80% Water Leakage multi wall (video) dataload

Sichuan 80% provincial departments of office building was built in 80s and 90s in Sichuan Water Leakage wall online news (reporter Zhong Zhenyu) "has inclined walls, not only pull the cordon, should be immediately removed, eliminate hidden dangers, the underground garage to install smoke fire protection device as soon as possible"…… Organs office space and official vehicles to use safety, not only related to the normal operation of the public, but also related to the safety of cadres and the people’s lives. In accordance with the deployment of the provincial government, in September 21st, the provincial organs Affairs Bureau sent a multi-channel inspection team, in-depth 8 provincial units to carry out random checks, the rectification of the problems found. A month earlier, our province issued a special notice requirements of the provincial departments to carry out an office space and public service vehicles safety self-examination and rectification. Some units use lift more than 15 years of life, building Industrial and Commercial Bureau street, in a recent self-examination, the Bureau will sign before the demolition of the wall plug, protective device is additionally provided with a suspension of air conditioner, is now on the wall tile inspection and reinforcement. Under the Dujiangyan Provincial Department of water resources () Office of the Deputy floor of an elevator, found hidden safety problems in self-examination, has been suspended and arranged for the maintenance of professional companies. In accordance with the requirements, from the beginning of August, the provincial units to carry out a safety inspection and rectification. In the office space, check the contents including the deformation of buildings, wall decoration and solid glass curtain wall, elevator, fire, lightning, power supply, water supply facilities operation, wire installation meets the standard management system is sound. According to the Provincial Government Offices Administration 2015 statistics, 94 provincial departments in our province, 116 office buildings, more than 80% built in the eighty century, 90s; office buildings are roof or wall leakage (3) water more; a considerable part of the unit elevator service life of more than 15 years; many units, the strength of electrical fire air conditioning, security facilities, obsolete equipment. First of all, all units should strengthen the responsibility, routine check, ground maintenance, early detection, and effectively prevent corners, to prevent accidents." The inspectors noted that the safety inspection found no eradication, units from the security point of view, according to the order of priority principle combs reported, and strive to include planning, arrangements through the province of special funds. Is there a bus maintenance due to improper combustion relative to the fixed office premises, official vehicles is a flow of party political platform, relations with the life and property safety and public image. Inspectors told reporters that, in the past, due to poor management of individual units or driver safety awareness, official vehicles have had some security incidents. In addition to traffic accidents, as well as improper maintenance of the summer, resulting in spontaneous combustion of vehicles, or during the holiday season, did not require parking, the streets were set off fireworks damage occurred. Earlier, the unit has been carried out in accordance with the requirements of self-examination. Overall, these official vehicle power, braking and other facilities to operate normally, the appearance of good clean. In addition, the bus after the reform, to retain the vehicle to become scarce resources, the units to strengthen the management and maintenance, such as the Provincial Bureau of industry and Commerce will increase the number of technical safety personnel from 1 to 2. "Some vehicles are old, I hope to arrange as soon as possible相关的主题文章: