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Six kinds of food nutrition during pregnancy | tocolysis, let you safely through pregnancy health – Sohu early pregnancy is a special period, this time your baby is very fragile, so he needs our special protection. Pregnant girls in the diet will need a lot of attention, eat some food for tocolysis of danger, our security through. Following dove to introduce five kinds of tocolysis food, let the girls safely through early pregnancy fragile. 1 the DHA contained in fish fish is very important for the intelligence development of the fetus. We are talking about DHA every day, so what is it? DHA is a kind of essential amino acids, it can optimize the phospholipid composition in the fetal brain pyramidal cells, is simply makes Tai Baobao’s IQ development bang bang da. Fish can effectively prevent fetal brain dysplasia. Contains high quality protein 2 yellow bean sprouts bean sprouts, can provide energy for the formation of baby fetal cell differentiation and organ, and yellow bean sprouts in the protein is especially suitable for your baby. Bean sprouts can effectively prevent the formation of fetal organs and tissues. 3 sunflower seeds sunflower seeds contain rich vitamin E, vitamin E also known as tocopherol, if the lack of can cause pregnant girl abortion or fetal death and other serious consequences. So, early pregnancy eating moderate amounts of sunflower seeds or sunflower oil can reach the effect of tocolysis. Sunflower seeds can effectively prevent miscarriage or premature delivery during pregnancy. 4 apple contains zinc, can effectively promote the development of fetal brain, improve the baby’s memory. So, the girls 1 apples a day, the baby will be very clever oh. Apple can effectively prevent fetal abortion, premature birth and so on. 5 walnut walnut contains nutrients can promote the baby’s brain and visual development, help to improve the fetal brain development, improve intelligence and memory. Pregnant girls can be 3 walnuts a day. Walnut can effectively improve the baby’s intelligence, memory. 6 black sesame black sesame is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, on the brain development of the nervous system is very important, but also will promote the development of Tai Baobao’s hair, let the baby’s hair is good. A cup of sesame paste every day, will let the baby is very clever oh. Black sesame seeds can effectively promote the development of fetal hair and intelligence. Early pregnancy is a special period, girls need special attention oh. In addition to diet, we should also pay attention to sleep, mood, and many other situations. < read recommended > how long pregnancy does not grow meat? The beauty of the mother should not miss the pregnant tonic, it is best not to eat this kind of food four! Click below to read the text into the dove doctor parenting community!相关的主题文章: