Smart toilets are springing up, sitting comfortably, without manual

Intelligent toilet quietly rising, sitting comfortable without manual cleaning Tencent digital news (compile: Hamish) just press a button, the toilet seat of the intelligent toilet can automatically fall. For a long time, I hung around the bar on the top floor of Shanghai Center Tower. Here, I forget the time, forget the neon flashing of Shanghai night scene, I again and again toilet cover up, down, rise, down. Maybe I just like to press the button, and I’ve never seen a high-tech toilet like this. For decades, the concept of electronic toilets has gradually sprouted in Japan, South Korea and China, and TOTO, even Samsung and other companies have launched commercial competition in this field. In most cases, these "smart toilets" are actually electronic toilets with hot water. But with the passage of time, today’s smart toilets already have amazing technological content, and some high-end models are even equipped with deodorant spray and Bluetooth connectivity. TOTO North America CEO Bill · Strong (Bill Strang) said, compared with other countries, the American family for any complex function of toilet is not too cold, they did not feel the shock of water jet and the temperature control of the toilet what attraction. TOTO is a Japanese company that has occupied 65% of Japan’s bathroom market share. What can a smart toilet do? So why do people need smart toilets? There are four reasons: cleanliness, comfort, convenience and protection. Jet of water can more thoroughly clean the buttocks and thigh, which is especially important for the elderly and children. In addition, the flow can also greatly reduce the use of toilet paper. Intelligent toilet soft comfortable seat, warm water, heating feet function plus the heat emitted to warm bathroom tiles, can let the user feel comfortable and relaxed. At the same time, some of the smart toilets are equipped with built-in speakers, AM FM broadcast and Bluetooth capabilities, users can use personalized touch screen to synchronize playlists of mobile phones. There are also some high-end models with night light features and charcoal filters for deodorization. Kohler Veil K5401-0 is such a sensor intelligent toilet automation: user ultimate solution approach, it will automatically open; it knows how much water needs flushing; after use, it will automatically shut down the lid. Not only that, after the start and end of use, Veil K5401-0 will spray another flow of water to flush the toilet, and even after washing, open the ultraviolet ray to decompose the bacteria. With these two features, users don’t have to do toilet cleaning anymore. The installation of intelligent toilets at home, but also save a lot of water. The E-Water Plus TOTO product line uses 1 gallons of water each time, while the U.S. national water washing standard is 1.6 gallons per time. The water consumption of Kohler smart toilet product line is also lower than California local standard, high flow rate is 1.28 gallons, low flow rate is 0.8 gallons. On the whole, it saves a lot of water fees. Too expensive, not suitable for home, if you’re on these smart toilets.

智能马桶悄然兴起 坐着舒服还不用人工清洗腾讯数码讯(编译:Hamish)只需按下一个按钮,智能马桶的马桶盖就能自动落下。有很长的一段时间,我都流连于上海中心大厦顶楼的酒吧里。在这里,我忘记了时间,忘记了霓虹闪烁的上海夜景,我一次又一次地将马桶盖升起、放下、升起、放下。也许我只是喜欢按下按钮的感觉,我从未见过这样的高科技厕所。几十年来,电子厕所的概念已经在日本、韩国和中国渐渐萌芽,TOTO甚至是三星等公司都在这个领域展开了商业竞争。大多数情况下,这些“智能马桶”实际上是一些能够射出热水的电子坐便器。但是随着时间的推移,现在的智能马桶已经拥有相当惊人的科技含量,一些高端型号甚至配备了除臭喷剂和蓝牙连接功能。TOTO北美市场总裁比尔·斯特朗(Bill Strang)表示,相比其他国家而言,目前美国家庭对于任何功能复杂的马桶都不太感冒,他们并没有感觉带震荡水流喷射和温度控制的马桶有何吸引人的地方。TOTO是一家日本公司,该公司已经占领了日本65%的卫浴市场份额。智能马桶到底能做什么?那么,为什么人们需要智能马桶呢?原因有四条:清洁、舒适、方便和防护。喷射的水流能够更加彻底地清洁臀部和股沟,这对于老年人和儿童来说尤为重要。另外,水流还能大量减少卫生纸的使用。智能马桶温软舒适的座椅,温和的水流,再加上喷出热气来温暖浴室瓷砖的脚部加热功能,都能让用户感到舒适和放松。同时,一些型号的智能马桶配备了内置扬声器、AM FM广播和蓝牙功能,用户可以用个性化的触摸屏来同步手机播放列表。还有一些高端型号内置了夜间灯光功能,并且可以用木炭过滤器来除臭。科勒Veil K5401-0就是这样一款传感器智能马桶自动化终极方案:用户走近,它就会自动开启;它了解冲洗需用多少水量;使用结束后,它还会自动关闭盖子。不仅如此,在启用和使用结束之后,Veil K5401-0会喷射出另外一股水流来对马桶进行湿润,甚至在冲洗之后开启紫外线对细菌进行分解。有这两样功能,用户就再也不必进行烦人的马桶清洁工作了。家中安装智能马桶,还能节约不少水。TOTO的E-Water Plus产品线每次使用冲水量为1加仑,而美国国家节水冲洗标准为每次1.6加仑。科勒智能马桶产品线的用水量同样低于加州当地标准,高流量为1.28加仑,低流量为0.8加仑。总体来看,这能节约不少水费。过于昂贵,不太适合家用假如你对这些智能马桶的功能感兴趣,那么你要花费不少钱才能享受到:一款功能先进的智能马桶售价为3000至6500美元(约合20000至43350元人民币),此外还要加上200至500美元(约合1333至2000元人民币)才能实现所有功能。另外,你还要接受这样一个事实:在这个智能电视、智能冰箱和智能灯泡的时代,智能马桶并不是智能家居的一部分。你的手机上没有任何能够控制智能马桶的应用,这些马桶无法连接Wi-Fi。现在,我们已经可以用亚马逊Echo或苹果HomeKit来调控Nest恒温器和飞利浦智能灯泡,但这还无法在智能马桶上实现。“对于很多消费者来说,厕所始终是他们不想久留的地方,”科勒营销总监肖恩·阿利斯(Shane Allis)表示,“这需要卫浴产品提供足够的舒适度,这样人们才会在厕所这样的私人空间里使用连接技术。”TOTO公司的斯特朗表示,该公司在日本已经进行了多年的物联网接口研究。“我们已经有能力让智能马桶与iOS和Android应用项链,但是现在的问题是,我们如何确保它足够安全?”斯特朗认为,从隐私角度出发,或许会有不法分子对具有连接功能的厕所和浴室进行攻击。但是,现在智能车库门和智能门锁也面临着同样的问题。我家附近有一家咖啡馆,我希望有一天能按遍这家店智能马桶上的按键。但是,对大多数人来说,这依然是一件相当新奇的事物。相关的主题文章: