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Jewelry-Diamonds Buying the various gemstone rings is not a cheap hobby. They are popular as casual jewelry options as well as are suitable for special occasions. Since, the sapphire, emerald and ruby rings are very expensive, it is important to handle them carefully. Here is a look at some tips that can help: The first thing to remember is that the gemstones like sapphire, emerald and rubies are hard in nature, but it does not mean that the ruby, emerald or sapphire rings are meant to be used roughly. It is important to remove these rings when one is involved in doing some heavy work that can cause some damage to the rings setting or the gemstone centerpiece. One thing that a lot of people skip is that the when they wear their rings, their skin .es in close contact with the rings and the gemstones surface. This results in them catching all sorts of body oils and salts. The best way to deal with the problem is to regularly clean the ruby rings, using a clean towel. This helps to take care of all the oils and salts that get deposited on the surface of the rings. A lot of people unknowingly damage their rings by cleaning them with a cleaner that is really strong or abrasive in nature. Some people think that cleaning the rings using toothpaste is the best way to go; however it certainly is not. One should avoid it at all costs. Also, it is advised for the owners to keep their gemstone rings from .ing in contact with the harsh chemical based products like cleaner, hairsprays and perfumes. The best way to clean the gemstone rings is to use the safe cleaners that do not have any harsh chemicals which can cause some damage to the rubies as well as the metal settings. Usually, the cleaner .es with a soft bristled brush which is preferred for scrubbing the various jewelry items. If there are no solvents readily available, using the warm soapy water is advised. Another easy way to remove the dirt from the ruby rings is to simply soak these rings in alcohol or vodka. This is very effective for dealing with the hard-to-remove dirt that can prove to be really tough to deal with for even the best jewelry cleaners. Opting for an ultrasonic cleaning is also a good idea. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: