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SONY black technology tells us: all things touch screen since the launch of iPhone, touch screen has gradually become the primary interactive media in the digital age. We spend most of the day in front of the screen. People crowded around the subway in the morning watching the phone, to the office in front of a computer screen all day, at home in the evening with a iPad brush drama. At the same time, the screen has become the main channel for us to get information. But have you ever thought that our digital life would be much more interesting if we projected the information onto the surface of the object and not just on the cold screen? SONY law would do such a future projection, blurred the digital world and the physical reality of the boundary. This cool projection can turn any surface into a touch screen, with short focal projection technology and advanced sensors, has completely changed the aesthetic fatigue LCD screen interactive mode. The kitchen stove and change the surface of these appear in the real objects on the surface of the screen is filled with a sense of the future. About 50 years ago a large computer punched tape binary input and output modes, interactive SONY projection brought almost heaven. Children can be projected in the surface of arbitrary graffiti; mother can directly view the recipes in the kitchen stove; projection to make video calls on the wall; projection game on the desktop. This kind of augmented reality interface extends too much imagination. After watching the video or let us back to reality, the projection of optical defects and sensor accuracy gap, still let SONY projection in the conceptual stage. But at least this represents the future direction of digital life. It may be another 50 years, by the time of 2060, everything around us has become independent of the smart chip. Whether through projection or AR technology, only with a turn of information will be seen everywhere with extreme ease. This may be the real digital world相关的主题文章: